HR Leaders' Summit 2018

Driving exceptional HR leadership to engage and inspire an evolving workforce

9 Apr 2018Pullman Hotel, Auckland
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Preparing your future workforce - strategic planning for an unknown future
10 April 2018 | 9.00am - 12.30PM

The future workplace a key issue facing many HR professionals, but little is known about the true roles people will have in the future and what the cultural mindsets for the future workforce will be. It is imperative to build resilience against this change by strategic workforce planning, succession planning and upskilling of existing staff. This workshop will investigate some of the likely scenarios facing businesses in the future and steps that can be taken now to future-proof your workforce.


  • Delving into the potential impacts of automation, AI and machine learning for HR professionals
  • Understanding the challenges that will unfold as we deepen our understanding of the future workforce
  • Managing the shift toward a blended workforce with a greater mix of cultures, work styles and gig workers
  • Strategies to maintain the culture of your organisation in an uncertain future scenario
  • Implementing solutions to increase efficiency and utilise the human elements of your organisation
  • Differentiating your organisation to attract talent in the future workplace

Lee-Martin Seymour



Lee-Martin Seymour is co-founder and CEO of Xref. The Xref concept was initiated from Lee’s frustration with the way reference checks were being conducted and co-founder Tim’s deep technical understanding and enabled him to envisage how automation could improve the process. Lee’s ability to empathise with the struggles of his clients and confidently share counsel, is no coincidence. He previously spent 17 years working in recruitment across various industries and geographies. During this time, he developed a deep understanding of the demands of the employment market and its pain points. A serial entrepreneur with a determination to streamline business practices, Lee has also been at the forefront of multiple other technology and recruitment organisations that redefine processes, build brands and bring positive change to a community.

Tim Griffiths

Co-founder & CTO


Tim Griffiths is co-founder and CTO of Xref. An MBA-qualified technologist with more than 20 years’ experience advising global companies, Tim’s IT expertise were the perfect match for co-founder Lee’s HR industry knowledge and experience, when it came to developing the Xref platform. Tim’s technology start-up knowhow has taken the business from a smart idea to a global success and his entrepreneurial background has been a key driver for this. Tim previously worked for Benchmark Capital providing technical diligence for high tech start-up investment and was co-founder of media company a2a plc, which floated on the UK stock market. More recently, Tim was also CIO for Jcurve Solutions, an Australian cloud NetSuite ERP provider.

Driving business performance through strategic wellbeing initiatives
10 April 2018 | 9.00am - 12.30pm

Staff wellbeing is at the core of a successful and functional business, ensuring a ‘people first’ strategy driving business performance by cultivating resilience and agility. Implementing a wellbeing doesn’t need to be a great challenge and has widespread benefits that will help you unleash the potential of your employees. This half-day workshop presents a range of leadership tools and wellbeing solutions which can be implemented to support your staff, to prevent burn-out and help retain talent for an ultimately more motivated workplace.

  • Recognising the role wellbeing plays in business performance
  • Showing your board the ROI of improved wellbeing in the workplace
  • Addressing key stress factors for modern employees
  • How can these be tackled from a leadership perspective?
  • Tools and techniques which can have immediate benefits for staff wellbeing
  • How to recognise and mitigate staff overload before it gets to burnout
  • Traps in the search of happiness and wellbeing
  • Practical coping strategies for improving wellbeing

Alison Ogier-Price

Wellness Consultant

EWP Services

Alison specialises in applying the fundamental principles of positive psychology to organisational and workplace wellbeing. She supports organisations to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces, through the development and implementation of wellness strategy and tailored programmes. Her interest is promoting the wellbeing of individuals and organisations through group workshops and individual coaching. She gives particular attention to the alignment of organisational and employee values, education for good mental health, and optimising outcomes and experience. Alison is based in Christchurch, however as a sought-after presenter and facilitator on applied positive psychology, she works nationwide. Alison is vice-president and editor for the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology. Alison also has extensive experience as an international project manager and businessanalyst in supporting the management, design, development and implementation of business and IT solutions. Alison has worked in many industries including education, mining, manufacturing, insurance, and banking, as well as with smaller businesses and start-ups. Some of her wellness strategy projects include contracts with Canterbury DHB, Waitemata DHB, ACC, HSBC.

Planning for successful change - what it takes to be a change maker
10 April 2018 | 9.00am - 5.00pm (FULL DAY)

The ability to manage change successfully is a core capability that underpins and sets apart the thriving organisations and is a key attribute of a successful people leader. In today’s world, change is not a static, one-off event, but dynamic and ever-present, affecting people and organisations in diverse, complex ways. This workshop equips HR and people leaders with the skills, knowledge and understanding to understand the drivers of change and how to respond to change within a work force consisting of a range of cultures and generations, an essential success factor in the future workplace.

  • Identifying change and why it’s challenging
  • Recognising the different stages of change
  • Creating buy-in for change
  • Understanding how people respond to change
  • Consideration of different ages and cultures
  • Strategies for individuals, teams and organisations to manage change
  • Measuring progress through change and celebrating success

Samantha Patel

Registered Psychologist

Responsive Consulting

MSc (Criminological Psychology), BSc Psychology (Hons), PG Cert Cultural Diversity in Therapy and Counselling. For almost twenty years Sam has worked internationally in a variety of specialist front line and senior management roles. Working across both public and private sectors Sam has significant experience of designing and facilitating group work to a range of complex needs clients. This includes cognitive skills training with youth, ensuring education, training and employment opportunities for learners who have been excluded/struggled to gains qualification from school and working with learners who have low levels of literacy and numeracy. Safeguarding the well-being of leaders and practitioners within learning environments and when working with complex groups / individuals / families is an area of interest for Sam. Sam’s senior leadership experience has involved leading change within the increased use of a business model framework. As a registered Psychologist and Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (New Zealand Psychological Society), Sam applies contemporary psychological principles to her work and adopts a strengths, value-based approach. Above all, ensuring dynamic responsiveness to individuals, teams and organisations.


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