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Robbie Singh

Co-founder and Managing Director

The Shortlist

Robbie finds bio’s exhausting, so whilst writing in third person he almost fell asleep many times and threw his toys because he found himself chopping and changing it too many times. Luckily after a few cups of coffee and some Mozart in the background he finally found his focus (but really it was Hiphop music). From flipping burgers, selling technology solutions, Dj’ing, selling paper to printers, failing at owning a café, driving & eventually owning multiple chemical trucks, and getting conned into the big bad world of HR & Recruitment, Robbie has pretty much challenged the norm in every aspect of his life regardless of the nature of the challenges and now runs his own HR & Recruitment consultancy: The Shortlist. Robbie likes to stay true to his core values and beliefs: Karma, Make a difference, Be Real, Ask the hard questions, and every challenge can be overcome over a coffee or wine. Some are uncontrollably drawn to his aura whilst others steer clear but underneath his extroverted personality, he is just like everyone on this planet, living a limited time in this thing we call life and one day hoping to leave behind unexplainable amounts of happiness and memories with those he had the pleasure of spending time with. Interesting facts: Robbie grew up as a illegal immigrant in the early 90’s, was named by his primary school principal, loves philosophy, and has an extraordinary ability to spend money in creative ways especially on shoes.

Rod Goodland

Talent & Culture Manager

Luxottica Group

Rod is currently the Talent & Culture Manager at Luxottica Australia and New Zealand. He has spent the last 10 years in learning and talent management roles in Asia Pacific, including Australia and China with experience across many industries including Retail, Travel, Education, Government as well as Consulting. He is passionate about creating energised workplaces that fuel sustainable returns for organisations through their Talent and Leadership practices, and holds a number of certifications in coaching and leadership programs focused on improving behaviour and performance.

Alex Hagan

Founder & CEO


Futurist and Workforce Strategy expert Alex Hagan is the Founder and CEO at Kienco, a boutique consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Kienco helps organisations to shape the future of their organisations and workforces, by blending Data Analytics with Strategic Foresight in a way that provides both evidence-based and future-focused insights that inform workforce and organisational strategy. Hagan has advised both government and private sector organisations on every continent except for Antarctica. Hagan is also a company director of a venture capital funded software company operating out of San Francisco, an Instructor at The Futures School, and serves as Adjunct Faculty at The Conference Board’s Strategic Workforce Planning Academies in New York and Brussels.

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