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Opening remarks from the Chair
Robbie Singh, Co-founder and Managing Director, The Shortlist
Opening keynote: Preparing for the uncertainty of the future workforce

One thing is certain for HR leaders: the future will look different to the workforce today and the future workplace will be a very different space. With suggestions that the HR function may become redundant, how can you prepare for the future HR environment and secure workforce planning for an uncertain future?

  • How automation and machine learning will change the nature of work and what this means for the HR leader
  • Managing diversity in the future workforce - understanding new ways of working and the opportunities for securing talent
  • From trend to strategy - is it possible to completely future-proof your organisation?
Alex Hagan, Founder & CEO, Kienco
Panel: Leading the people - HR’s voice and role in the ELT and supporting the C suite & board

The HR role plays an important part in the strategic direction of an organisation. It is important to ensure your voice is heard to motivate, support and drive the goals of the C suite and the board.

  • Developing your voice as an HR leader - how to lead and influence corporate culture
  • What should the key focus points be as an HR leader - talent, strategy, organisational design and engagement?
  • Maintaining a forward-focus: how to ensure your people and leaders are armed with the skills to lead in an uncertain future environment
  • Increasing AQ (adaptability quotient) - a hallmark of a successful leader?

Annie Brown, Chief People Officer, Trade Me
Lee Robertson, Business Partner - People & Culture, PWC
Vicki Caisley, Chief People & Strategy Officer, Southern Cross Health Society
Facilitator: Lucy Hickman, General Manager, Kineo New Zealand
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Morning break
Nailing the talent piece: excellence throughout the employee lifecycle

In a globalised world, the war on talent spans far beyond local regions, as businesses compete for the top talent throughout the world. High quality employee experiences are key to securing your pipeline of talent.

  • Getting the first piece of the puzzle right - the candidate experience and utilising data to ensure organisational and culture fit
  • Managing the transition from candidate to employee
  • Developing your employment brand from within your organisation
Lee-Martin Seymour, CEO/Co-founder, Xref
“The future is here now” - leading innovation in one of NZ’s top Crown Agencies

Callaghan Innovation is known for being forward-thinking and innovative; empowering and enabling the development of New Zealand Inc. Esther Livingston, Callaghan’s people leader, shares her story for how she cultivates a culture of innovation.

  • Creating a mindset and readiness for change - strategies for developing flexibility and adaptability in your employees
  • Understanding how organisational innovation manifests and what to look for when hiring innovators
  • HR as the enabler - the role of the HR leader in inspiring and motivating New Zealand’s innovators and entrepreneurs
Esther Livingston, General Manager - People and Capability, Callaghan Innovation
Panel: Leading and engaging a diverse and dynamic workforce
  • Supporting the multi-generational workforce: bridging the generational gap and making the most of each demographic
  • Developing a strong workplace culture within a blended workforce - creating engagement with a diverse workforce
  • Innovation, resilience and holistic wellbeing - strategies for supporting wellbeing without affecting the bottom line
Mark Carrick, Inclusion Consultant, BNZ
Liz Barton, Chief People and Transformation Officer, Plunket
André Lubbe, Employment Relations Manager - Human Resources, Auckland Council
Facilitator: Robert Bromage, Chief Executive Officer, intelliHR
Lunch break
Preparing for the future HR tech environment: automation, big data and your people

The future world of HR will be impacted greatly by the implementation of new technologies. Organisations that can make the most of the opportunity offered by these developments and adapt to change will set themselves apart to thrive in an unknown future. Matt Pivac gives insight into the future tech mix for the HR leader and the opportunity to invest in big data as a technology solution to future-proof your business.

Matthew Pivac, Business Development Manager, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll
Disrupting performance management paradigms: developing performance culture

Current performance management frameworks are often acknowledged as ineffectual and not fit for purpose. Gallup share their research on how HR leaders can disrupt performance management systems to create frameworks that develop an individual’s performance and support a more productive approach to professional development.

  • Understanding the pain points in the current performance management models
  • Applying frameworks of performance development – identifying what and how you will measure employee performance.
  • Creating a culture of performance development in your organisation and capability scaling with leaders
Sarah Walker, Senior Consultant, Gallup
Expert Insight Investing in psychological capital for a high performing workforce

Psychological capital refers to the positive development of your employees, characterised by resiliency, efficancy, optimism and hope. When these four dimensions are combined, they form a core construct that is a strong predictor of employee attitudes and performance.

  • Understanding psychological capital and positive psychology - how it manifests in individuals and why it needs to come from the leader
  • Strategies for measuring psychological capital and determining where to intervene
  • The positive effects of psychological capital over time - how it can contribute to a higher performing workforce
Dr Maree Roche, Convenor - Organisational Psychology, Senior Lecturer Organisational Psychology; Psychology Programme, University of Waikato & Editor, New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management
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Afternoon break
Leading the change - delivering engagement throughout transformation

IRD are currently undergoing mass transformation to help deliver a world class IR service to New Zealanders. Mark Daldorf shares the IRD’s story of change and the imperatives for the modern HR leader to stay flexible, future-focused and relevant.

  • Supporting strategic transformation -where to start and how to bring your employees on the journey with you
  • Incorporating future work trends into a changing organisation and what it takes to remain relevant as an HR leader
  • Fostering collaboration across the sector - identifying the opportunity to learn from peers
  • The importance of employee wellbeing when undergoing significant transformation
Mark Daldorf, Chief People Officer, Inland Revenue NZ
Closing keynote: OPSM’s journey of culture revitalisation

OPSM (part of the Luxottica Group), is one of the oldest retailers in Australia with high tenure and 85 years of history. Faced with an opportunity to reignite the brand and become the leader in the market, the company embarked on a journey of culture revitalisation to re-engage employees and firmly establish OPSM as a market leader and employer of choice in the retail space.

  • Starting the journey - initiating the conversation and realising company values
  • Making it stick: the concrete initiatives to bring the desired culture to life
  • Creating goals and milestones: when you get it right, what does it look like?
Rod Goodland, Talent & Culture Manager, Luxottica Group
Closing remarks from the Chair and Networking Drinks

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