Health & Wellbeing Summit

Implementing initiatives for a holistically healthy and productive workforce

The Heath and wellbeing summit continued in 2017 with excellent attendence and much interest. It addressed the growing concept of ‘wellbeing’ and where the opportunities lie for facilitating better health and wellbeing for employees and how this can improve the overall performance and productivity in organisations. Employee wellbeing naturally translates to a happy and productive working environment, but we live in a culture where people are under pressure and stress from many angles. We heard from a vareity of speakers on the key issues and ways employers can support employees around maintaining better health and wellbeing.

Highlights included:

  • Sherridan Cook spoke on the role that wellbeing plays in mitigating employee stress and burnout
  • Kate Blackwood delved into the serious issue of bullying in the workplace and techniques to encourage healthy interaction
  • Robyn Shearer of Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui provided information about programmes and resources employers can tap into to support staff suffering mental health issues and / or problems caused by alcohol / drug addiction
  • Dr Lisa McKay introduced the Wellbeing Assesment Tool for assessing and measuring workplace health
  • Brad Norris ran a masterclass based on the structured, holistic wellbeing programmes that Synergy Health offers to proactive organisations who deem wellbeing a priority
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