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Opening remarks from the Chair
Cormac Denton, CFO , Kāpura
Economic Update: market trends for long term business planning
  • What are the key drivers influencing markets, industries and economies in the next 12 months? 

  • Identifying market trends and being aware of how they can influence a business’s organisational structure 

  • Impact of continued pressure on economic growth for local industries and how this will influence global growth 

  • Examining political and regulatory decisions and how they continue to influence policy direction 

Harshal Chitale, Associate Director, Economics and Finance, PwC
Identifying market trends for long term business planning
  • Analysing current market trends and reacting accordingly to maximise profitability and manage risk 

  • Understanding how sectoral, intermediate, and long-term trends impact primary markets and an organisations bottom line 

  • What this means for planning, forecasting, and reporting to drive faster business outcomes 

Sonika Barrington, Management Accountant, New Zealand Sugar Company
Morning Break
Case study: Financial analysis in complex environments – the evolution of management accountants

As policy and regulation continues to impact business processes, management accountants are required to ensure that transactions and future improvements will continue to be compliant. In this session Kelly Xu will discuss her role at Sharp Corporation and the agility required to ensure business success.  

  • Examining avenues for business improvement and recommendations 

  • Utilising the best tools and technology to enable stronger financial reporting and analysis 

  • Monitoring upcoming changes to regulation to ensure the organisation remains compliant 

Kelly Xu, Management Accountant, Sharp New Zealand
The future of the management accountant role
  • Emerging trends and technologies influencing profession requirements 

  • What skillsets do management accountants need to adopt to keep up with emerging trends? 

  • How concerns such as sustainability, diverse workforces and fair labour are reflected in changing industry standards 

Kitty Zhang, Management Accountant, Fletcher Steel
Planning and Executing Data Science Processes  
  • Introduction to the standard tools, techniques and best practices of data science 

  • Transforming analytics from retrospective reporting to forecasting to predicting 

  • Customer-oriented use case with Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Segmentation 

  • Product-oriented use case with Market Basket Analysis  

Sanjid Rahman, Data Analyst & BI Developer, Office Products Depot
Lunch Break
Empower your Business Apps with Artificial Intelligence (Azure Cognitive Services)
  • Empower your Business Apps using Cognitive Services

  • Make your Business Apps more intelligent by using the APIs provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services.

  • What are Microsoft Cognitive Services?

  • How to use Cognitive Services APIs

Indira Bandari, BI Consultant, HealthLink
Business Intelligence for Management Accountants – harnessing analytics to monitor performance and outcomes
  • Identifying and crafting the right KPI’s to monitor performance progress and achieve business outcomes 

  • Leveraging Business Intelligence for business process management and to create customer centric value 

  • Using Business Intelligence alongside financial forecasting to optimise profitability 

Indira Bandari, BI Consultant, HealthLink
Mechanisms to drive real time reporting and results
  • Using qualitive and quantitative methods to develop financial forecasts 

  • Using real time reporting to strategically equip Management Accountants with better evaluation prospects 

  • Identifying performance measurements to proactively identify and respond to poor business procedures 

Richard Cheung, Management and Cost Accountant , FRAMECAD Ltd
Afternoon Break
Agile, Management Accounting & Beyond
  • Utilising Agile concepts that help you fall in love with a problem & use science to design a solution
  • Sharing Agile tools & techniques to support the evolution of your current accounting practice from the status quo to a market leader
  • Harnessing Agile methodology to encourage data based decision making
  • Using Agile frameworks to increase efficiency & deliver value with ease
Wayne Kingi, Agile Coach, Westpac New Zealand
Harnessing analytics to drive optimisation through impact and automation
  • Seeking and obtaining a mandate to make meaningful progress by aligning the board and executive on your analytics strategy 

  • Establishing a Performance Baseline and Metrics that Matter to better understand where the impact may be 

  • Using Lean Analytics to find high impact action through Data Science. 

  • Take what you have learned about business processes to identify automation targets for further value. 

Cyrus Facciano, Director, X is Y
Case Study: Transformation through smart technology deployment at Waitemata DHB

With an end goal of providing better services to patients, Waitemata DHB embarked on a transformation journey which prioritised projects that would enable better delivery of care. Learn about how they enabled their transformation journey through the smart use of data and the systems in place which puts patient care front and centre from clinicians through to the back office and the impact on Management Accounting across the organisation.  

Ricky Galang, Management Accountant, Waitemata District Health Board
Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking drinks
Cormac Denton, CFO , Kāpura
Welcome Back from the Chair
Cormac Denton, CFO , Kāpura
Using financial analysis to evaluate economic trends and future business objectives
  • Assessing the viability of a business and how this could impact stakeholder involvement 

  • Evaluating the profitability of past financial expenditures and investments to make better informed business decisions 

  • Analysing return on investments to measure efficiency and profitability 

David Pearson , Director CFO Advisory, UBT Accountants
Planning and Executing Data Science Processes 2
  • Deploying dashboards with R Shiny
  • Deriving key metrics and models for end user decision making and consumption
  • Developing data visualization and dashboards users find relevant and compelling
Sanjid Rahman, Data Analyst & BI Developer, Office Products Depot
Morning Break
The art of empathy, communication, and selling the story
  • Developing effective interpersonal skills to better communicate with clients and management 

  • Identifying and interpreting body language to better understand nonverbal communication 

  • Utilising business storytelling to get your point across 

Shauna Campbell, Senior Management Accountant, Victoria University
Conflict resolution and navigating complex business environments
  • Developing strong negotiation strategies and tactics to better deal with challenging personalities 

  • Adopting proactive communication and listening skills to successfully manage challenging situations with stakeholders 

  • Introducing Collaborating Conflict Resolution approaches to manage disputes and foster an understanding environment 

  • Using emotional intelligence to identify with clients to build a rapport and gain trust  

Gary Connolly, Chief Financial Officer, St John New Zealand
Lunch Break
Creating awareness around the implication of risk on an economic and social level
  • How economic risks such as exchange rates or government regulation will impact the global marketplace and supply chain 

  • How social perception can create adverse risks for businesses and how to mitigate these risks 

  • How to mitigate the impact of social risk on a business through corporate social responsibility 

  • Continuously monitoring risks and opportunities through risk assessment 

Clive Pedersen, Head of Risk and Compliance, Heartland Bank
Risk management in the context of high performing teams
  • Understanding risk culture at an individual and organisational level  

  • How risk management fits in with concepts such as trusting and empowering others 

  • How resilience can encourage and support change and innovation for businesses 

Linden Vazey, Senior Manager - IT Risk and Assurance, EY New Zealand
Afternoon Break
Approaching cybersecurity risks by strategically utilising data analytics
  • Using data collection and data analysis tools to monitor security and risk threats 

  • Incorporating data analytic solutions to better detect threats 

  • Key security threats for the finance function to be aware of 

  • Reviewing financial statements to determine the liability of a business 

Callum Hey, Senior Manager – Technology Risk and Safe Business Lead, Westpac
Big data and AI’s disruption of all industries
  • Big data feeds the machines. And the machines are rising.
  • All firms and industries are likely to be impacted to varying degrees.
  • Financial markets have used machines to trade financial instruments for decades. What can we learn?
Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist, Kiwibank
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Cormac Denton, CFO , Kāpura
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