National Freshwater Conference 2018

A national dialogue on the sustainable management of New Zealand’s freshwater resources

The National Freshwater Conference  is back 14 & 15 February 2018 and will focus on the national dialogue of one of the hottest election topics – the management of New Zealand’s most precious resource, freshwater.  

It will:

  • Give stakeholders in the water environment the opportunity to learn about the current developments in the New Zealand freshwater scene and the regulatory and legal landscapes
  • Facilitate discussions around the central theme of the sustainable management of our waterways for the long-term benefit of all users
  • Provide a forum where stakeholders and those who work in and around the freshwater scene can network and learn from one another

Featuring International Keynote Speaker Dr Delwyn Moller, Principal Systems Engineer, Remote Sensing Solutions, California

As well as expert insights from:

Horizons Regional Council | Environment Canterbury | NIWA | Greater Wellington Regional Council | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec | Waikato Regional Council | Buddle Findlay

Key presentations include:

  • An examination of New Zealand's freshwater management reform and strategic future direction
  • The effects of intensive farming and urbanisation on freshwater
  • Understanding a  Māori approach to freshwater management
  • The Hinds/Hekeao managed aquifer recharge pilot project
  • The Havelock North water contamination inquiry
  • The importance of fish passage management in New Zealand


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