Freshwater Management and Infrastructure Forum

Managing waterways for the long term benefit of New Zealand’s communities and industry

The Freshwater Management and Infrastructure Forum took place in Feburary 2017.  Attendees at the forum had the opportunity to:

  • Learn about different plans and techniques for water management across a range of industries and users
  • Get face to face with the leaders of water management from different parts of New Zealand
  • Network with other professionals within the water field and learn from their experiences

Key themes included:

The future of freshwater
Water quality in New Zealand
The direction of water management – A View from the Land and Water Forum
User experiences and plans for freshwater- Hear from the agriculture, energy and local government sector
Collaboration between iwi and local government
Freshwater infrastructure funding
Freshwater case law
Using water science in freshwater management
Collaborative plan making
Improving results from irrigation
Water storage infrastructure

The forum featured expert insights from:

  • The Land and Water Forum
  • Tasman District Council
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Waikato Regional Council
  • Wairarapa Water Use Project
  • Irrigation New Zealand
  • Buddle Findlay
  • Bell Gully
  • New Zealand Labour Party
  • New Zealand Green Party
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