Freight Futures 2030

Shaping New Zealand’s logistics and supply chain for a sustainable future

27 - 28 Aug 2018Pullman, Auckland
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  • Government regulations and polices
  • Featured speakers
  • International keynote

“Moving our freight and people as safely and efficiently as possible, with a minimum of hold ups, is vital to speeding up economic growth. Growing the economy is central to both:

  • The Government’s overall goal for New Zealand to grow the economy to deliver greater prosperity, security and opportunities for all New Zealanders;
  • The Government’s objective for transport – an effective, efficient, safe, secure, accessible and resilient transport system that supports the growth of our economy in order to deliver greater prosperity, security and opportunities for all New Zealanders.”

Hon Shane Jones, Associate Minister – Transport

Excerpt from Connecting New Zealand


The Freight Futures 2030 conference focuses heavily on the Government policies and regulations that are addressing the current issues with the transport sector in New Zealand and shaping solutions on how freight, amongst other things, can be moved around the country more efficiently. The conference puts forward experts and thought leaders involved with the above to provide insights into the direction New Zealand is taking to improve freight movement throughout the country.


Top 5 reasons to join us at the 2018 conference

  1. Hear about the priorities for New Zealand’s transport sector from the Minister himself.
  2. Put forward your questions to those shaping the regulations and policies to get a better understanding of how these are being developed and how it affects you or your business.
  3. Hear from expert speakers in the transport, logistics and supply chain industries.
  4. Engage in industry discussions.
  5. Network with those from the same industry as you and gain knowledge on how you can improve efficiencies.
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