2017 NZ Food Summit

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Food Value Chain Conference

Connecting the dots | Sharing Knowledge | Promoting discussion

28 - 29 Mar 2017Pullman Hotel, Auckland

As an industry NZ producers need to deliver a consistent story around provenance to the global marketplace, playing off each others strengths to leverage growth beyond what we are currently achieving to reach the 2025 export goal. 

We will do this by coming together to share knowledge and discuss the imperatives required to shift our products along the value chain to be the leading producer of high quality, safe food for the world. Join industry insiders as they discuss what developmental opportunities are there for food manufacturers, how to handle compliance costs, mitigate the risks posed by the global food supply chain.

Programme highlights:

  • Mapping NZ Excellence
  • Building the NZ Story
  • Capitalising on unique kiwi provenance
  • Who are our future partners
  • Developing New Zealand future leaders
  • Leaders' panel - time for a conversation about the future
  • Learning from International food countries
  • Moving from commodity to high value food
  • Increasing profit margins and develop market resilience
  • Exporting the New Zealand brand







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