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Food Safety & Compliance Conference

Providing safer food to consolidate NZ's unique competitive advantage

separately bookable workshop
Export Regulations Compliance
30 March 2017 | 9.00am - 12.30pm

In a world of changing standards, how do you ensure that your export products meet NZ regulations, and the country’s regulations you are exporting to? What are your risks and challenges? This workshop brings together a wide range of information that is normally difficult to get access to for an in-depth exploration of export regulations, including the topics below.  

•    Background and context to safety and food systems
•    NZ regulatory framework - the agencies and the standards
•    Export regulations and certification systems
•    The consequences of the Food Act 2014 for exporting
•    How to identify importing country requirements
•    Specific topics includeing the differences in legislation between food, supplemented food and dietary supplements and the implications for exporting

Jane Lancaster


Catalyst Ltd

Jane is a founding partner of Catalyst® Ltd. Over the last 10 years she has worked extensively with New Zealand and Australian food regulators and industry sectors consulting, reviewing and developing standards for export certification across a number of sectors. Jane is currently a Board member on Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge and is a chartered member of the NZ Institute of Directors

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