EVworld NZ 2019

2 Aug 2019ASB Showgrounds, Auckland


Last year 200+ delegates came together to discuss the future EV ecosystem and answer the challenging question of how we can achieve the ambitious targets set out by the government in 2016. 


For 2019, to further support the electrification of corporate and public sector vehicle fleets and help enable to the transition to a low carbon transport system.  The EVworld Industry Conference has been expanded to two full days. Providing even more high-level discussion and debate, practical guidance and in-depth use and business cases for EV acceleration. 


EV uptake has now reached a crucial point with over 13,,000 vehicles on the road. It now needs to transition to the mainstream. The EVWorld Industry Conference has been developed to bring together the key players from across a wide range of sectors and businesses that need to collaborate to make that happen. Providing the following groups with crucial the information they need to play their part and realise the benefits of EV adoption for their organisation and the planet. 


  • Central Government Ministries and agencies 
  • Local councils 
  • Fleet, property and procurement teams from across all sectors 
  • Automotive manufacturers  
  • The motor trade  
  • Power companies and energy retailers 
  • Charging infrastructure developers and suppliers 


The full agenda will be available very soon, so watch out, but key themes that will be explored across the 2-day high level industry conference include: 


Accelerating EV uptake – analysing the latest progress and developing a road map to further acceleration, including an examination of the kinds of incentives, targets and initiatives that can help drive things forward 


Fleet electrification – providing the total cost of ownership procurement models you need to be able to make a business case for EV uptake in your organisation. And delivering insights into the new EV vehicle models soon to hit the market 


EV supply – How can New Zealand secure access to the number of new and used EV it needs to meet demand and achieve our ambitions for growth? 


Mobility as a Service - exploring the shared use and subscription business models that will define the future economy and how MaaS services can potentially escalate EV penetration and help achieve equitable access to EVs. Are EVs we as we currently know them just a stepping stone on our journey to shared, connected autonomous mobility? 


Battery innovation – exploring the latest developments in battery technology with a focus on the whole life of the battery. Starting with the story behind lithium and cobalt acquisition and ethics and sustainability of that supply chain risk. Moving through battery afterlife, repurposing, replacement and recycling 


Charger infrastructure development – practical and technical guidance to help ensure that charger infrastructure development keeps pace with EV uptake 


Power, grid and EV charging - addressing key issues around EVs for power companies and energy retailers exploring grid load and how to use pricing signals to drive behaviour change in charger utilisation, encouraging charging at network friendly times 


Updates from the EECA Contestable Fund – sharing the demonstration evidence gathered through the 5 waves of funding in order to accelerate EV uptake  


Broadening the applications – moving beyond personal transport –developing the use and business cases for heavy freight, commercial vehicles, power tools, ferries and even electric aviation

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