EVworld NZ 2019


Last year 200+ delegates came together to discuss the future EV ecosystem and answer the challenging question of how we can achieve the ambitious targets set out by the government in 2016. 

For 2019, to further support the electrification of corporate and public sector vehicle fleets and help enable to the transition to a low carbon transport system.  The EVworld Industry Conference has been expanded to two full days. Providing even more high-level discussion and debate, practical guidance and in-depth use and business cases for EV acceleration. 


Agenda - Industry conference

Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Elizabeth Yeaman, Managing Director, Retyna Consulting Ltd
Ministerial address: Delivering the incentives and initiatives required to achieve an ambition of accelerated EV uptake
  • Creating the pathway and delivering the leadership needed to achieve stimulation of demand
  • Is 64,000 by 2021 still an appropriate or achievable target?
  • Setting emissions targets to signal the importance of decarbonisation
Hon Julie Anne Genter, Associate Minister of Transport
International keynote: Sweden - from feebates to a smart road tax
  • Understanding the Swedish Bonus Malus Scheme
  • Analysing outcomes after one year of feebates
  • Exploring benefits of moving to a smart road tax
Jakob Lagercrantz, 2030 Project Leader, National 2030-Sekretariatet (Sweden)
Panel discussion: Achieving the transition to the mainstream

With over 13,000 EVs on the road, we now need to be entering the next phase of EV uptake.
Recognising that we understand the key insights required to electrify our transport system and working together to get those basics right.

  • What is the role of each stakeholder group in achieving this transition?
  • How much of a role should EVs play in decarbonising New Zealand’s transport system?
  • Making our transport and energy infrastructure more resilient to climate change
Matt Raeburn, Senior Policy Analyst, Climate Directorate & Ministry for the Environment
Ross Stanford, Fleet Manager, Auckland Council
Brent Lewers, Principal Adviser, Demand Management & Ministry of Transport
Oz Jabur, Head of Product and Innovation, Mercury
Morning break
Securing sufficient supply of EVs in NZ to meet our ambitions

Recognising the supply challenges of both new and used EVs - why demand will be in excess of
supply for some time to come

  • What are the barriers to availability at scale?
  • Understanding why global battery supply dictates access to new EVs
  • Is Australian ADR/ANCAP allegiance holding back EV adoption in NZ?
David Vinsen, Chief Executive, Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association
Dean R Sheed, Audi General Manager, European Motor Distributors and Board Member, Drive Electric
Developing the charging infrastructure required to support accelerating uptake of EVs
  • Is charging infrastructure keeping up with the number of cars?
  • Aligning incentives to develop charging that meets the needs of the current NZ EV fleet
  • Exploring the next generation of new higher output charger technologies
  • Load balancing in charging infrastructure
Sigurd Magnusson, Sustainability Advisor, Wellington City Council
Lunch break
Learning from the EECA Contestable Fund
  • Using Contestable Fund grants to deliver proof of concept and use cases needed to mainstream electrification
  • Building up the confidence of end users
  • Ratcheting up the requirements of funding to drive innovation and build the evidence base
Andrew Caseley, Chief Executive, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
Learning from the latest wave – Case Study 1: Palmerston North Council
  • Part-funding two purpose NZ built rubbish trucks
  • Sharing the energy consumption data – analysing battery impact of normal use
  • Making the financial business case and delivering the use case
Paul Compton, Logistics and Support Manager, Palmerston North City Council
Learning from the latest wave – Case Study 2: Meridian Energy
  • Developing a scalable cost-effective AC public charging solution
  • Ensuring charger availability goes hand in hand with EV growth
  • Making it easy for businesses to implement
Ben Priest, Electric Vehicle Product Manager, Meridian Energy
Motor industry panel: Sharing the future of EV innovation
  • What is going to become available - helping fleet managers plan their investments
  • Do vehicle financing and leasing models have to be redesigned to suit NZ?
  • With a wider mix of models now becoming available at different price points - what does this mean for motor industry sales, marketing and after service?
Gavin Young, National Service Manager, Hyundai New Zealand
Warren Willmot, Sales and Marketing, Renault New Zealand
Tom Ruddenklau, General Manager, Volkswagen New Zealand
Afternoon break
EV battery innovation and lifecycle management
  • Battery recycling and end of life battery management – exploring international guidelines to promote environmentally-friendly disposal
  • The circular economy – opportunities for EV battery afterlife and re-purposing
  • Ethics and sustainability of the battery supply chain - the story behind lithium and cobalt
Bill Alexander, Director, Bluecars
International keynote: Disrupting the business of human mobility
  • The subscription ownership future – exploring the shared use and subscription business models that will define the future economy
  • Assessing how MaaS can escalate EV penetration and help achieve equitable access to EVs
  • Exploiting the business opportunities created by shared, ultra-cheap transport linked by apps
Andy Taylor, Director of Strategy, Cubic Transportation Systems (USA)
Summary remarks from the Chair
EVworld NZ Champions Awards & Cocktail Function
Registration and coffee
Welcome back from the Chair
Elizabeth Yeaman, Managing Director, Retyna Consulting Ltd
International Keynote: Exploring the big picture of EV Industry developments
  • Analysing global trends in EV policy, EV uptake and market development
  • Learning from countries with a similar amount of renewable energy within their energy mix to NZ
  • Examining global EV uptake stories – how they achieved the cross-sector collaboration needed to mainstream EV uptake
Drew Kodjak, Executive Director, The International Council of Clean Transportation (USA)
EVs, power networks and smart homes
  • Understanding and addressing the issues around EVs and grid load
  • Driving behaviour change in charger utilisation - using pricing signals to incentivize charging at network friendly times
  • Exploring the development of and appetite for vehicle to grid and vehicle to home technologies
  • Customer appetite – how do they feel about giving over control of their charging are they willing to give up freedom – how much would it take? 
  • Trialling residential smart homes and new charging technology that enables efficient, grid friendly and cheaper charging
Cameron Chapman, Commercial Engineering Manager, WEL Networks
Morning break
Break-out Streams

Stream A - EV Applications

Stream B - Electrifying your Fleet

Stream A: EV micro-mobility
  • Exploring the growing market for e-scooters and e-bikes
  • Understanding the role of micro-mobility in driving mode shift
  • Enabling better urban connectivity
  • Analysing how the subscription and pay as you go business models of shared use micromobility services are preparing users for the reality that they no longer need to own vehicles
Oliver Bruce, Host Micromobility Podcast and Angel, Micromobility Industries
Stream B: Transitioning Your Fleet to Electric -Total Cost of Ownership Procurement Models for fleet electrification
  • Understanding the importance of getting accurate lifecycle costs
  • Making the business case around utilisation – do you need less EVs than ICE vehicles?
  • Leasing versus purchasing models for fleets – how do the numbers stack up?
Michelle Herlihy, Executive Director, Custom Fleet and Board Member & Drive Electric
Letitia Still, Head of Strategic Consulting Custom Fleet
Daniel Malpass, Head of Sales, Custom Fleet
Stream A: Exploring the electrification of heavy vehicles
  • Delivering the business and use case for electrification of heavy vehicle fleets
  • Opportunities and limitations
  • Beyond electricity and internal combustion – exploring the capability of future fuels to deliver de-carbonisation of the freight sector
Mark Cameron, Regional Director Australia and New Zealand, SEA Electric
Stream B: Charging infrastructure development for fleets
  • What are the thought processes required for charging infrastructure development?
  • What are the questions you need to ask about your requirements?
  • Ensuring charging infrastructure is integrated in the most efficient way into the electricity network
Glenn Inkster, e-Mobility Division Manager, Transnet
Stream A: Case study: Electrifying public transport
  • The use case for electrified public buses
  • The day to day effectiveness of electric buses
  • Charging requirements of routine use?
  • Understanding the charging infrastructure required by a fleet of electric buses
  • Exploring the total cost of procurement
Paul Snelgrove, Managing Director, Tranzit Group
Lunch break
Stream A: Is a lawnmower a vehicle?
  • Assessing battery technology for parks and open space management
  • Analysing the day to day effectiveness of battery technology for these uses
  • Real-life cost comparisons
Bruce Scott, Director, Carbon South & NZ Representative, Mean Green Mowers
Stream B: Learning from the EV100 global initiative
  • Bringing together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to EVs
  • Creating a roadmap to make electric transport the new normal by 2030
  • Integrating EVs into workplace safety policies – best practice in EV fleet safety
Sandra Roling, Head of EV100, The Climate Group
Stream A: Electrifying commuter ferries
  • Pioneering electric ferries in New Zealand
  • Working with transport agencies and local authorities to implement electric ferries
  • Electric ferry tech requirements
  • What are the charging infrastructure upgrades required for the boats
Jeremy Ward, Managing Director, East by West
Ferries & Wellington Electric Boat Building Company
Stream B: Understanding the property requirements of fleet electrification
  • What are the property based infrastructural needs of EV uptake?
  • Integrating the planning and investments required across vehicles and property infrastructure
  • Bringing property, facilities and procurement teams together with vehicle fleet people
  • Making significant investments in electrical infrastructure in leased properties – whose responsibility is it?
Nick Robilliard, Procurement & Property Manager, Meridian Energy
Afternoon break
Analysing real world EV utilisation – what can we learn to speed uptake
  • Exploring EV driving and charging behaviour and how this is changing
  • Understanding the psychological and behavioural changes that will drive customers as they adapt to EVs
  • Recognising the pattern of EVs as second cars as the predominant model of ownership
  • Forecasting future EV use patterns
Henrik Moller, Founder, Flip the Fleet
Panel session: EVs as a stepping stone to the future of autonomous connected mobility
  • How far are we from a fully electric/shared/connected/autonomous mobility?
  • Could New Zealand’s unique tariff situation provide the conditions to overcome the industry vested interests and deliver a viable solution here and now?
  • Goodbye to car parks - Exploring how the vision of connected transport will transform the cities of the future
Phillip Haynes, General Manager – Customer Experience, Network & CX projects, Holden New Zealand
David Vinsen, Chief Executive, Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association
John Goettler, National Safety and Traffic Engineering Director, AECOM & Vice President, Trafinz
Closing keynote – EV innovation at the limits: Exploring the opportunities of electric aviation
  • Are electric planes the future of flight?
  • What are the aviation use cases that electric planes are currently suitable for?
  • Exploring the current limitations of electric aviation technology
Simon Topping, Strategic Projects Manager, Zephyr Airworks


Who will attend
  • Central Government Ministries and agencies 
  • Local councils 
  • Fleet, property and procurement teams from across all sectors 
  • Automotive manufacturers  
  • The motor trade  
  • Power companies and energy retailers 
  • Charging infrastructure developers and suppliers 


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