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Most EV Friendly Town of the Year



Whangarei along with Northpower, Northland Regional Council, Whangarei District Counci, Northland District Health Board, local Evangelists and REV-UP have closely collaborated to pioneer EV adoption in New Zealand. In May 2014 Northpower opened NZ’s first fast charger, located at Alexander Street aka “EV Mecca”. The town boasts one of the highest concentration of EVs in New Zealand.

Whangarei as a town, have shown commitment to a very collaborative approach for a relatively small town. The judges particularly commend Northland Regional Council on their 10 year plan “Vision Zero - zero emissions, zero crashes, zero hassles.

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EV Champion of the Year


Martin Kane

Martin is the classic regional champion! Completely voluntary, with a chartered history of commitment over a number of years. This includes being the first to drive an EV through Arthurs Pass, down to Haast, to Wanaka, Omarama, Waimate and back to Timaru whilst negotiating with a lot of camping grounds to offer Plugshare. Marin saw Uber’s arrival in Christchurch as an opportunity to promote EVs, driving up from Timaru for weekends to do Uber shifts and then returning to his maths class for Monday morning. As a teacher at Craighead Diocesan School in Timaru, Martin is well known for incorporating Electric Vehicles as the basis for some of his maths problems.

Martin is a tireless, forever optimistic EV advocate being the go-to media person on anything EV related in South Canterbury. Martin is always at Dunedin and Christchurch EV events and regular offers his car for test drives.

Martin is quoted saying that he promotes EV transport for the sake of future generations, he wants to slow global warming and sincerely believes the adoption of EVs can help to achieve this.

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SME-EV Award of the Year


EVs Enhanced


EVs Enhanced have addressed and found the solution to a major problem for consumers for by far the most imported second-hand EV by developing English language conversions for the Leaf. Any dealer can use this solution to quickly and cost effectively change the small dashboard display to English. Walter & EVs Enhanced have also worked to provide strong technical knowledge and support in battery technology. Congratulations to EVs Enhanced the 2018 SME-EV of the Year Award Winner.

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Fleet Champion of the Year


Foodstuffs NZ


A national strategy championed by Foodstuffs NZ has brought high visibility to EVs in a day to day part of people’s lives which delivers groceries from New World, Pak n Save and Four Square supermarkets around New Zealand. Foodstuffs presented an excellent submission, justifying that daily vehicle travel was well within the EV range for urban fleet requirements. Foodstuffs EV fleet results show excellent learnings and significant carbon and cost savings to be gained for other urban delivery fleets.

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EV Sales and Service Award


GVI Electric


GVI Electric show fantastic commitment to sales and service of its customers as detailed in many of the testimonials submitted as part of the nomination process. GVI has opened a second EV Centre in Wellington allowing them to deliver better service existing owners in the lower North Island as well as assisting others to join EV Life! The online public poll results backed a majority judging decision.

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Outstanding Contribution to EVs in New Zealand


Steve & Dee West


Steve and Dee’s business, ChargeNet NZ, has taken on a vital role in the development and provision of charging infrastructure throughout New Zealand, aiming to have a total of 105 fast charges installed across New Zealand by the end of this year. Furthermore, Steve and Dee regularly advise and work alongside government, the energy sector, the motor industry, Local Government, business and schools to create greater awareness and understanding about the importance of Electric Vehicles in a low carbon New Zealand. As well as this they regularly participate in answering questions on the EV Owners Facebook page. As one new owner said “As a new EV owner I’ve found the work that Steve and Dee have done to be invaluable. While I have only had my EV for a little less than 6 months it’s clear from the activity I’ve seen and personal experience that they haven a massive driving force in the EV community.”




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