Engaging Diverse Communities and Stakeholders Conference

Promoting and improving outcomes for government, businesses and communities

10 Dec 2020Wharewaka, Wellington
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  • Engaging Diverse Communities and Stakeholders Conference
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  • 10 Dec 2020
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  • 9 Dec 2020
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Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Tracey Yearbury, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, MBIE
A deep dive into how changing demographics shape how we engage and communicate
  • How are New Zealand’s demographics changing and what will a future New Zealand be like?  

  • How does the increased ethnic and cultural diversity impact on the way we engage with a range of ethnic, language and religious communities? 

  • Are there regional differences and dynamics that influence communication and engagement patterns? 

Paul Spoonley, Distinguished Professor, Massey University
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Boosting economic and social outcomes/wellbeing through superdiversity consciousness
  • New Zealand is one of the most rapidly changing and ethnically diverse nations on earth – how to make the most of diversity   

  • Superdiversity trends and challenges and how they affect particular aspects of New Zealand’s law, policy and business  

  • Superdiversity lens on COVID-19 challenges and opportunities for the economy and social wellbeing 

Mai Chen, Chair - Law, Policy and Business, Superdiversity Institute & Business and Managing Partner, Chen Palmers
CASE STUDY: Creating genuine opportunities for vibrant and authentic community or stakeholder engagement
  • Developing a thriving society – how to enable belonging and inclusion 

  • Enabling effective community engagement through genuine relationship building, reciprocity, co-design, and authenticity 

  • How to effectively include the voices and perspectives of diverse communities 

  • Understanding the drivers of norms and behaviours, promoting improved outcomes and building social capital 

Amanda Reid, Senior Researcher, BERL
Morning break
Encouraging collaboration with stakeholders
  • What does it take for effective stakeholder engagement in a high-stakes and high-pressure situations? 

  • How to efficiently measure the success of stakeholder and community engagement 

  • Activating different communities to encourage long-term discussions 

Suzanne Moore, Corporate Engagement – Vice Chancellor’s Office, Auckland University of Technology
CASE STUDY: Establishing the right engagement approach and strategy
  • Social change with Pacific and South Auckland communities 

  • Attributes of a strategy that is participatory in nature  

  • The value of community voice  

Rachel Enosa, Chief Executive, The Cause Collective
CASE STUDY: Developing a partnership with community, whānau, hapū and iwi to achieve a common goal
  • Leading a collaborative approach through iwi consultation to acknowledge Maori interests, and align values with strategic visions and policies 

  • Transforming words into actions - examining what we are doing in practice 

Kristel van Houte, A Rocha National Co-Director & Karioi Project Manager, Community, Conservation and Education, Te Whakaoranga O Karioi
Lunch break
How can brands tap into the growing Asian consumer markets in New Zealand?
  • The importance of differentiating who is being targeted, why and how 

  • Understanding the behavioural triggers of the different cultures and how to influence how they think 

  • Stereotype or no stereotypes - why marketing to everyone in the same way is often a missed opportunity  

Nick Siu, Director, The Agency 88
CASE STUDY: Communicating and engaging with a growing Asian target market segment
  • Deploying WeChat to reach out to Asian communities in Auckland 

  • Issues and challenges of adding another communications platform to the existing communications mix 

  • What will the future bring – what can be done today in order to prepare for the future changes? 

Matt Pryor, Digital Engagement Manager, IAG
The media consumption habits of different ethnic communities
  • Understanding different ethnic communities’ media consumption habits  

  • How to successfully get a message and marketing communications into different communities 

  • Listening – the missing element in engagement and public trust 

Paul Doyle, General Manager, Niche Media
Afternoon break
CASE STUDY: Finding ways of engaging local audiences in times of growing global digital offerings 
  • Understanding the fast-changing and highly pressured media landscape 

  • The evolving media behaviour of audiences in New Zealand 

  • Providing exceptional content to compete with the global digital media 

Allanah Kalafatelis, Head of Communications, New Zealand on Air
Getting and managing community engagement on Facebook and Instagram
  • What does managing community engagement mean? 

  • What are the best strategies and tactics for getting your audience to engage with you on Facebook and Instagram? 

  • What to do in a crisis? And what not to do? 

Julian Thompson, Head of Strategy, Mosh Social Media
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Rebuilding stakeholder trust when it’s been lost
  • Understanding key requirements to building and rebuilding trust with different stakeholders through traditional and innovative engagement tools 

  • Overcoming a decreased level of trust to rebuild relationships with diverse stakeholders 

  • Engaging with a disgruntled stakeholders  

Maretha Smit, Chief Executive, Diversity Works NZ
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Tracey Yearbury, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, MBIE
  • Engaging Diverse Communities and Stakeholders Conference
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  • Super saver price $999 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 4 Nov
  • Last minute price $1399 + GST
  • 10 Dec 2020
  • Workshop(s)
  • Super saver price from $599 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 4 Nov
  • Last minute price from $799 + GST
  • 9 Dec 2020
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