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Through the uncertainty of 2020, the Employment Law Update provided high-level insights into employment legislation and best practice. 

This one day conference covered everything you needed to know about the current industrial and employment relations landscape. We covered crucial developments, best practices and common pitfalls that affected everyone over the course of Level 4 and everything after that. This conference kept you on top of all changes since the 34th Industrial and Employment Relations Summit.

Reasons to attend: 

  • Hear from both essential and non-essential business operations during lockdown and moving forward  

  • Networking opportunities with other HR professionals and law experts  

  • Learn best practices for crucial business processes in uncertain times 


Featured Sessions: 

  • Getting on the same page- bettering your collective contracts and strengthening union ties 

  • Mini case studies: Operating over lockdown- crisis management, good faith, and setting expectations  

  • Best practice and common challenges for performance management  

  • Restructuring, redeployment, and redundancies 


Looking forward- we're now moving towards the 35th Industrial and Employment Relations (IER) Summit.

We hope to see you all there!

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