Elder Law, Ethics & Healthcare Conference

Navigating the legal, ethical & practical challenges in providing optimal healthcare for our ageing population

6 - 7 Mar 2018Te Wharewaka Tapere, Wellington
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separately bookable workshop
Managing difficult conversations in aged care
8 March 2018 | 9.00am -12.30pm

In this workshop you will learn ways to approach and manage a variety of difficult conversations which may be encountered by professionals working in aged health care. Whether it’s trying to communicate with patients, discussing end of life options or talking to families about advance care planning, this workshop will discuss the skills necessary in making these conversations easier to manage and come to terms with.

· Outlining common conversations unique to elder care
· Skills for effective communication in emotion-fuelled situations
· Tools for aiding and supporting communication with patients suffering dementia
· How to professionally induce calm and provide reassurance to a patient or family during difficult conversations
· Balancing conversations: Keeping families, patients or residents, co-workers and other health care professionals informed
· Ways to protect your own well-being and find support
· Conversations in advanced care planning and end of life planning
· Exercises: Practice in difficult conversations

Oleg Kiriaev

Palliative Care Speciallist

Totara Hospice South Auckland

Oleg works as a palliative care specialist at Totara Hospice South Auckland and a geriatrician in the Mental Health Service for Older People team at ADHB. He is professional teaching fellow in the School of Population Health, Auckland University and a trained facilitator in advance communication skills for the New Zealand ACP Cooperative. His interest lies in the challenges of providing effective dementia care in an environment of increasing resource constraints and the impact of cultural and moral norms on our approach to care.

Carla Arlkless

Nurse Practitioner

Nelson Tasman Hospice

Carla has been working as a palliative care Nurse Practitioner since 2010, mostly in the aged care sector. Part of that work has involved implementing Advance Care Planning in residential aged care facilities, and supporting staff to have difficult conversations. She has also been involved in the national Advance Care Planning training programme since 2012, facilitating advanced communication skills training, and training facilitators to deliver the ACP courses.

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