DX 2020

Driving a transformation roadmap through organisational structure and culture

17 Mar 2020Grand Millennium, Auckland
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Welcome from the Chair
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
International keynote: Driving a transformative culture through Asia | Arcadis’ digital transformation journey that is reshaping Asia
  • Accelerating digital transformation through the Asian region
  • Highlighting the journey for Arcadis this far and the road that lies ahead
Penny Murphy, Head of Digital Transformation, Asia, Arcadis
International keynote: Modifying business models to drive digital transformation in the organisation | Johnson & Johnson
  • Creating a roadmap for Johnson & Johnson’s dx journey – what is involved?
  • Delivering products and services keeping the customer in mind – how is Johnson & Johnson achieving this being a business that supplies to other businesses?
  • Understanding the role dx plays in aiding with Johnson & Johnson’s vision of becoming the leading consumer healthcare company
Richa Goswami, Global Head of Digital, Johnson & Johnson
Leading a DX strategy in an organisation | Insight into a top-down led strategy
  • Looking into the characteristics of a digital leader – how does a successful leader take charge?
  • Encouraging collaboration amongst teams to undergo a transformation – moving away from the traditional siloed organisational structure
  • Collating and sifting through the data to drive decisions that affect the organisational transformation
Morning break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Case study: Driving a transformation culture | Z
  • Understanding what a transformative mindset looks like
  • Showcasing the digital transformation journey - what have the outcomes been and how is Z building on them
  • Looking into the next steps - what is Z doing to keep on top of its game
Mandy Simpson, Chief Digital Officer, Z
DATA & ANALYTICS: Case study: Building a data driven organisation | Kotahi Logistics
  • Scaling innovation using data – how is Kotahi Logistics achieving this?
  • Looking into the technologies Kotahi Logistics is using to capture data – what amount of information are they sourcing?
  • Analysing and using the data and using it to drive business decisions
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
Session break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Case study: Adopting the Agile approach in an organisation| House of Travel
  • Understanding the driving force behind the move to Agile – what do organisations need to know to move to an Agile approach
  • Highlighting what a full-scale adoption of Agile looks like – how does this transform the workplace as a result
  • Benefits of the Agile approach in a digital world
Mark Leadbetter, Director of IT, House of Travel
DATA & ANALYTICS: You’ve got the power | What to and not to do with your data
  • Understanding the role data plays in dx
  • Putting parameters to protect the data – minimising security breaches
  • Enabling practices for the safe use of data
  • Turning data into actionable insights
Session break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Encouraging a (digital) growth mindset | A look at organisational structure
  • Looking into the impact on an organisation, when a digital leader takes charge
  • Encouraging communication and collaboration between teams and stakeholders – are they working towards the same outcome?
  • What does an ‘onwards and upwards’ policy look like for an organisation?
DATA & ANALYTICS: Data security | Understanding the implications of data privacy

As organisations grow, there are a number of ways the organisation gathers and collect data. This session discusses what the implications are for organisations in New Zealand, around the legalities of using their data.

  • Putting processes in play to ensure the safe use of data
  • Protecting the organisation as well as the consumer data that is being collected – differentiating between usable and non-usable data
  • Shedding light on the regulations in New Zealand that protect the use of data
Laura Littlewood, Partner, Bell Gully
Lunch break
CUSTOMER & CONNECTIVITY: Case study: From analogue to digital - how did they transform? | Gough Cat’s strategy to becoming digital
  • Mapping the transformation process – where are we now and where do we want to be?
  • Implementing the actions required to undergo the digital transformation journey
  • Highlighting the changes in operations as a result of the transformation – a look into efficiencies
Darren Sandford, GM Customer Experience, Gough Cat
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORM: Legacy systems to modern technology | Organisational strategies to evolve platforms
  • Creating a roadmap of moving from legacy systems to implementing modern technologies – where does the organisation start?
  • Personalising the journey – moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ thinking
  • Where to from here – looking at the next steps once the technology transformation has been executed
Sean Bishop, Chief Digital Officer, Chapmann Tripp
Session break
CUSTOMER & CONNECTIVITY: Getting chatty with it | Moving beyond chatbots
  • Looking into what’s next for AI, machine learning and more – what do organisations need to keep on top off
  • Delving in to challenges that chatbots pose (security, human connection) and providing solutions
  • Understanding the role AI, machine learning and other technologies play in your organisation 
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS: Developing New Zealand's leading online investment marketplace
  • New Zealand's investment landscape and the transition to digital platforms
  • Developing a platform for investors and companies – and how to tailor the experience for each audience
  • Striking the balance between 'online' and 'offline' in the capital markets space
Simeon Burnett, CEO/Co-Founder, Snowball Effect
Ben Tan, Head of Product, Snowball Effect
Session break
CUSTOMER & CONNECTIVITY: Aligning online practices to take your customer through the online journey
  • Highlighting the traits of an online customer – what are they looking for?
  • Providing a seamless online and offline experience – how can organisations achieve this?
Damon Pezaro, Chief Product Officer, Prospa
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORM: Enabling an enterprise wide approach to transforming outcomes through data and technology
  • Getting the organisation involved in providing input on outcomes and the role technology and data plays in achieving this
  • Aligning the organisation’s outcomes with the employees’ outcomes – what barriers exist and how can these be bridged?
  • Combining data and technology to understand the ‘story’ consumers are telling the organisation – what is it that consumers want and how can the organisation provide the solution
Afternoon break
International keynote: Future-proofing Organisations in an age of tectonic disruptions
  • ‘Megatrends’ set to affect all industries
  • Organisational responses to future-proofing business
  • The Deakin journey and lessons learnt implementing digital change
William Confalonieri , Chief Digital Officer, Deakin
Closing keynote: Driving digital transformation of Brisbane’s economy
  • Showcasing the hurdles involved with driving a city’s digital transformation – what were the solutions to overcome them?
  • Getting residents and businesses involved in this journey
  • Where is Brisbane in its journey now – what lies ahead?
Cat Matson, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer & Head of Brisbane Innovate, Brisbane Marketing
Summary remarks from the Chair and close of conference
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
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