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Driving a transformation roadmap through organisational structure and culture



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Welcome from the Chair
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
Opening keynote: Emerging trends shaping digital transformation and growth
  • Three challenges every organisation must tackle in digital transformation
  • The pitfalls organisations can see and still fall into
  • Emerging methods and solutions we’re seeing that might change the game
Kris Nygren, Partner & Digital and Customer Leader, PwC
CIO showcase: Using CX to drive a DX journey | AA

In this session, Mike Grenfell, will take you through AA’s journey and discuss how the customers are really helping AA drive their digital transformation. 

  • Understanding the role customers and their experience – both online and offline – play for AA
  • Applying design thinking methodology to map out drivers for the transformation
  • The intersection of technology, marketing, operations, and customers – what does this look like for AA in reality and how is AA building on this
  • Delving into the next steps – where to from here for AA
Mike Grenfell, Chief Information Officer, The New Zealand Automobile Association Incorporated
Morning break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Driving a transformation culture
  • Understanding what a transformative mindset looks like
  • Showcasing the digital transformation journey 
  • Looking into the next steps 
DATA & ANALYTICS: Case study: Building a data driven organisation | Kotahi Logistics
  • Scaling innovation using data – how is Kotahi Logistics achieving this?
  • Looking into the technologies Kotahi Logistics is using to capture data – what amount of information are they sourcing?
  • Analysing and using the data and using it to drive business decisions
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
Session break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Case study: Adopting the Agile approach in an organisation| House of Travel
  • Understanding the driving force behind the move to Agile – what do organisations need to know to move to an Agile approach
  • Highlighting what a full-scale adoption of Agile looks like – how does this transform the workplace as a result
  • Benefits of the Agile approach in a digital world
Mark Leadbetter, Director of IT, House of Travel
DATA & ANALYTICS: "Data is the new oil" - messy, opaque … but not many know how to refine it

Do you have what it takes? DX promises slick, tightly-integrated systems, resulting in high-grade data that can be used to unlock amazing user and customer experiences. This data can be used for everything from shiny dashboards to hyper-personalisation to unleashing AI. The reality, however, is often different. ​

This session is for you if you:​

  • find yourself stuck with a mix of old and new​
  • have data silos and/or data duplication for each of your SaaS systems​
  • want to know where to look for rich data in unusual places​
  • feel nowhere close to being "AI-ready"
Eduard Liebenberger, Director of Technology, Jade Software
Session break
ORGANISATION & CULTURE: Encouraging a (digital) growth mindset | A look at organisational structure
  • Creating a common vision and a pathway to transformation
  • Bringing technology, people and product together to drive change
  • Shifting behaviours through the development of customer and colleague digital skills, confidence and advocacy
Victoria White, Head of Digital Adoption, BNZ
DATA & ANALYTICS: Data security | Understanding the implications of data privacy

As organisations grow, there are a number of ways the organisation gathers and collect data. This session discusses what the implications are for organisations in New Zealand, around the legalities of using their data.

  • Putting processes in play to ensure the safe use of data
  • Protecting the organisation as well as the consumer data that is being collected – differentiating between usable and non-usable data
  • Shedding light on the regulations in New Zealand that protect the use of data
Laura Littlewood, Partner, Bell Gully
Lunch break
CUSTOMER & CONNECTIVITY: Case study: From analogue to digital - how did they transform? | Terra Cat’s strategy to becoming digital
  • Mapping the transformation process – where are we now and where do we want to be?
  • Implementing the actions required to undergo the digital transformation journey
  • Highlighting the changes in operations as a result of the transformation – a look into efficiencies
Darren Sandford, GM Customer Experience, Terra Cat
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORM: Legacy systems to modern technology | Organisational strategies to evolve platforms
  • Creating a roadmap of moving from legacy systems to implementing modern technologies – where does the organisation start?
  • Personalising the journey – moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ thinking
  • Where to from here – looking at the next steps once the technology transformation has been executed
Session break
CUSTOMER & CONNECTIVITY: Transforming employee and customer experience in the digital workplace

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last few years as several new technologies and trends take hold.

Employee wellbeing is more important than ever as a new generation joins the workforce bringing with them a demand for more flexibility. Remote working also leading to greater opportunities to work locally and connect globally.

There are greater demands relating to the customer experience as digitally-savvy consumers base their product choices on the ease of interaction with a business.

While data-hungry high-performance software applications that depend on real-time communication become more prevalent.

In this environment connectivity is key. By building capacity, businesses can leap on opportunities when they knock: to engage new customers, increase revenue by improving productivity, profitability, and employee wellbeing and carve out a fresh competitive advantage. 

Wherever businesses are at in their DX journey, business-grade connectivity is a strong, sustainable foundation for growth. 

We’ll explore what it means for key New Zealand industries in practical terms. What’s the impact for businesses in terms of sustainability, innovation and customer experience and how the right business-grade connectivity can contribute to the success of NZ Inc.

Kurt Rodgers, Network Strategy Manager, Chorus
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS: Developing New Zealand's leading online investment marketplace
  • New Zealand's investment landscape and the transition to digital platforms
  • Developing a platform for investors and companies – and how to tailor the experience for each audience
  • Striking the balance between 'online' and 'offline' in the capital markets space
Simeon Burnett, CEO/Co-Founder, Snowball Effect
Ben Tan, Head of Product, Snowball Effect
Session break
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORM: The Fulton Hogan Story | How we moved a paper based field team of 1,000’s from paper to glass

Technology is only as valuable as the willingness of the people to use it, and the platform will only perform if we plug in the right data. Our successful digital transformation started as an experiment – an experiment that was based on a collaborative approach between IT, our partners and our end users in the field.

  • A successful rollout is a collaborative process
  • Co-ownership dramatically increases the chance of success
  • Expose API’s and harness all your data sources
  • Close the loop between your people in the field and corporate requirements
Chris Strydom, Digital Enterprise Architect, Fulton Hogan
Afternoon break
International keynote: Future-proofing Organisations in an age of tectonic disruptions
  • ‘Megatrends’ set to affect all industries
  • Organisational responses to future-proofing business
  • The Deakin journey and lessons learnt implementing digital change
William Confalonieri , Chief Digital Officer, Deakin
Closing keynote: Driving digital transformation of Brisbane’s economy
  • Showcasing the hurdles involved with driving a city’s digital transformation – what were the solutions to overcome them?
  • Getting residents and businesses involved in this journey
  • Where is Brisbane in its journey now – what lies ahead?
Cat Matson, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer & Head of Brisbane Innovate, Brisbane Marketing
Summary remarks from the Chair and close of conference
Matthew Wright, GM Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics
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