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Putting digital transformation at the forefront of innovation

14 Mar 2019SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland
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Welcome from the Chair
Lauren Salisbury, General Manager - Digital and Innovation, Coda
Opening keynote: Pushing digital transformation through your people | A focus of DX in the White House
  • How did the White House foster digital innovation?
  • Understanding how modern technology drove President Obama’s elections
  • Building meaningful relationships - How did the State Department modernise the way they managed these relationships
  • Frameworks that give shape to the transformation within the business
Tom Cochran, Digital Transformation consultant & Former Digital Leader, Obama Administration
The future of machine learning | More than just chat bots
  • Using automation to drive business transformation
  • Implementing digital technology practices to better shape customer experiences
  • Role of collaboration in delivering innovative business solutions
Morning break
VISION, LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE STREAM: Unleashing your digital transformation journey and creating a digital 2020 vision
  • Transforming digitally as a non-digital company – what does the roadmap look like?
  • Aligning the organisation’s ecosystem and working together to implement the digital 2020 vision
  • Strategising to achieve business goals – economic, sustainable, financial – whilst delivering the ultimate customer experience
Roxanne Salton, Head of Digital Strategy and Delivery, Mercury
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS STREAM: Gaining a competitive advantage through digital transformation
  • Creating an organisation-wide culture to support digital transformation
  • Aligning the organisation’s vision with the digital transformation journey
  • Supporting a digital work environment
Stephen Whiteside, Chief Digital Officer, University of Auckland
VISION, LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE STREAM: Start-up thinking and digital transformation
  • Lessons learnt from global start-ups
  • Applying start-up practices and lessons to achieve digital transformation
  • Communicating, collaborating and influencing to achieve transformation with the wider organization
Nicola Mitchell, Head of Digital Audience Growth, NZME.
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS STREAM: Case study | Process automation and beyond | Hawkes Bay Regional Council
  • What does process automation in an organisation look like?
  • How is Hawkes Bay Regional Council using process automation?
  • Highlighting the benefits and savings
Anthony Gouder, Business Transformation Team Lead, Hawkes Bay Regional Council
VISION, LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE STREAM: Case Study | Enabling your business to be successful in today's fast paced world of technology | First Gas
  • Developing a long term transformation focus to enable business success 
  • Technology is the 'easy' part – the hardest part is the people and process
  • Investment in people, training and change management, enabling teams with appropriate systems
  • Making the most of existing technology by fostering trust and belief in the technology systems
  • Brokering effective technology outcomes together with people at the core
Gerard Brown, Solutions Manager, First Gas
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS STREAM: Transforming NZ businesses - Lessons learnt from overseas success stories
  • Highlighting steps taken by international businesses on their digital transformation journey

  • Understanding ‘how’ the transformation takes place and what this looks like

  • Key takeaways

  • Breathing life into your digital transformation, from the C-suite to culture to customers

Seth Bateman, Transformation Program Lead, HSBC Retail Banking
THE DIGITAL CUSTOMER STREAM: Case study: From art, animals and nautical voyages to conventions, classical concerts and Taylor Swift – customer experience & digital transformation
  • Why did Regional Facilities Auckland need to focus on customer experience?
  • Using collaboration to unite diverse stakeholders and deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Lessons learnt – big challenges and things we’d do differently next time
Penn Trevella, Director, Customer Experience, Regional Facilities Auckland
  • Understanding the driving force behind the move to Agile
  • Highlighting what a full-scale adoption of Agile looks like – how does this transform the workplace as a result
  • Benefits of the Agile approach in a digital world
THE DIGITAL CUSTOMER STREAM: How to apply AI: It’s (probably) easier than you think.

Hear about real-world case studies where AI is being applied to drive competitive advantage. Learn how you can get from zero to hero in weeks, and build a business case that will accelerate AI in your business

Eduard Liebenberger, Head of Digital , Jade Software
PEOPLE, CAPABILITY & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY STREAM: Embracing a digital culture: In with the new, out with the old
  • Upgrading from legacy systems to effectively capture data
  • Turning data into actionable insights and shaping business practices to comply
  • Digitalisation of people and processes – how can organisations achieve this
Helaman Tangiora, Head of Digital Transformation, Tainui Group Holdings
THE DIGITAL CUSTOMER STREAM: Digital transformation in a business to consumer organisation
  • Positioning the transformation strategy to enhance customer experience
  • Changing business models to adapt to the market conditions
  • What does a customer-driven transformation look like?
Jennifer Cherrington, Former Execuitve, eBay, Amazon and Yahoo!
PEOPLE, CAPABILITY & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY STREAM: Fool’s Gold – Mythbusting Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation vs Digitisation
  • Addressing the misconceptions around digital transformation – assumptions versus reality
  • Customer engagement –it doesn’t all have to be digital
Pete Loveridge, Director of Customers & Supporters, St. John
Afternoon break
Leaders’ Panel: Sharing insights from New Zealand businesses that have embraced digital transformation
  • Highlighting the digital transformation, the organisations implemented
  • Identifying and capturing the challenges and working towards eliminating them
  • Keeping up to date with market trends and adapting as necessary
  • Understanding that the transformation journey is an ongoing one – tips on how to strategise going forward
Jennifer Cherrington, Former Execuitve, eBay, Amazon and Yahoo!
Glen McLatchie, Group CIO, SKYCITY Entertainment Group
Sarah Thirlwall, Chief Digital Officer, MinterEllison RuddWatts
Angela Henderson, GM Digital Strategy and Transformation, Air New Zealand
Closing keynote: DX in play | Digital transformation at Lloyd’s Banking Group
Leigh Smyth, Responsible Transformation Director, Lloyd’s Banking Group
Summary remarks from the Chair
Lauren Salisbury, General Manager - Digital and Innovation, Coda
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