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Welcome from the Chair
Hayley Carthy, Information, Intelligence & Communications, Inland Revenue NZ
Opening International Keynote: Emerging technology, disruption and future predictions - What to expect in the next wave of digital transformation
  • How will emerging technologies, including AI, robotics, blockchain, edge computing, 5G and more, change the face of digital transformation?
  • The future business landscape - insights on how digital disruption will reshape every sector of business
  • The DX imperative - understanding and meeting the challenges of digital transformation
Gunjan Bhow, SVP and GM Consumer, Digital, Mobile & e-Commerce, The Walt Disney Company
Extended Keynote Q&A
Defining digital leadership - leading the digital vision and creating a truly customer-driven organisation
  • Are you truly embracing digital transformation? Acknowledging the real DX imperative and defining next steps in advancing your digital presence
  • Driving a holistic approach - designing leadership and decision-making structures to support digital transformation
  • Re-assessing your digital skills mix and attracting global talent where required
  • Instilling a company-wide commitment to digital transformation and awareness of the opportunities it brings
Roxanne Salton, Head of Digital Strategy & Delivery, Mercury
AI - start small, dream big

•  How AI fits into your digital experience, and where front-running organisations are already finding a competitive advantage

•  How to get started with limited effort, time, and investment, choose the right path for your organisation, and get buy in from your senior leaders for AI projects

•  AI mistakes, pitfalls, and horror stories (and how to avoid them)

Eduard Liebenberger , Head of Digital, Jade Software Corporation
Morning break
VISION, STRATEGY & GOVERNANCE: Realising your digital vision - defining your organisation’s new DX strategy
  • Defining what DX means for you - addressing emerging trends and how your sector is set to be disrupted
  • Structures and processes for change and decision-making around DX
  • Embedding social and environmental sustainability within the digital vision
John Owen, Principal Architect, Cyma
Malcolm Fraser, Director, The Future Cities Institute
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS: Case study: The connected enterprise - Revolutionising manufacturing with IoT integration
  • The factory of the future - how smart manufacturing is transforming business and supply chain management
  • Opportunities for system and process simplification
  • IoT integration implementation and execution strategy - creating a toolkit for successful change
Brent Coutts, Business Systems Manager, Coopers Brewery Limited
Chris Campbell, Country Manager, Integral
Session break
VISION, STRATEGY & GOVERNANCE: Achieving pace of delivery - creating an underlying strategy to achieve stakeholders’ expectations
  • Cultivating a fit-for-purpose technology stack to provide business agility
  • Encouraging Agile ways of working and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to meet speed of deployment
  • Cultivating accepting environments where transformative strategies can thrive
Bernard Seeto, Head of Digital Strategy, Southern Cross Health Society
Chris Trigg, Chief Digital Officer, Southern Cross Health Society
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS:Digital fast-track: streamlining your digital transformation from strategy to delivery
  • Developing an effective strategy that delivers tangible business outcomes quickly through digital change
  • Promoting and nurturing digital-first organisational behaviours
  • Engaging more effectively with your customers and people through design thinking and rapid prototyping
Phil Coop, Digital Transformation Director, Solnet
Rob Brough, Experience Design Consultant, Solnet
Session break
VISION, STRATEGY & GOVERNANCE: With true digital transformation comes security transformation - Defining a modern threat management approach

The more digital the organisation, the more critical cybersecurity becomes. This session will address today’s threat landscape and how to instil an effective company-wide threat management approach.

Ofer Reshef, Manager - Digital Security & Risk, Fonterra
TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORMS: Driving transformation - Enabling outcomes that benefit the organisation as a whole

Transformation isn’t always about reinventing the wheel. By tapping into the best thinking and the best technology available, organisations can create new opportunities to stand out in the crowd.  In this session Helaman will discuss how he works with the wider senior leadership team to drive digital transformation that benefits the wider organisation.

Helaman Tangiora, Head of Digital Transformation, Tainui Group Holdings
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Enabling personalisation - The journey to integrating technology with existing capability
  • Utilising marketing technology to augment existing strategies and provide new opportunities for engagement
  • The challenges of creating a single source of data
  • Building capability at scale for enhanced messaging
Ashleigh Simpson, Direct & Digital Marketing Manager - Airline , Air New Zealand
PEOPLE, CAPABILITY & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Building a nimble and Agile organisation
  • Why bother integrating Digital and Agile strategies?
  • Focus on Agile mindset vs Agile methods
  • Delivering value to St John, their customers, patients and donors through people-centricity
  • Creating an agile organisation
  • Importance of change management strategy and plans
Derek Williams, Digital Transformation Consultant
Session break
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: For digital customers - With great transformation comes great experience
  • How is digital transformation critical to delivering great customer experience?
  • Why do enterprises need to be built to change in this accelerating digital world?
  • How do you put software at the heart of your business to respond to the digital challenge? 
Stephen Miles, Chief Technology Officer - Solution Sales, CA Technologies
PEOPLE, CAPABILITY & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Driving the digital mindset - Capability development to enable business-led transformation
  • Moving away from physical infrastructure and embracing disruptive technology and agile techniques
  • Embracing new solutions internally and bringing teams along for the journey
Bain Hollister, Co-founder and CTO, ClearPoint
Session break
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Embracing data as a strategic asset in achieving customer-first experiences
  • Using analytics as the foundation for customer interactions
  • How data and analytics can assist to create better outcomes for customers
  • Utilising AI, predictive and NLP technologies to bring the customer to the forefront of the digital journey
Jason Greenwood, eCommerce Manager, HealthPost
PEOPLE, CAPABILITY & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Driving change to thrive in a digital future

As the pressure to transform business in response to the digital economy grows, data flow modelling is emerging as a robust way of understanding how the business works and identifying information wastage, which if removed enables continuous improvement and transformation based on value. Neil’s presentation will discuss the drivers for change and how greater knowledge of the business value of information can protect against profit margin erosion.

Neil Calvert, Co-founder Chief Operating Officer & Head of Customer Success, LINQ
Afternoon break
Executive Panel: How to win at DX - best practice strategies from digital leaders on embracing disruption and delivering a successful digital future
  • The journey so far - roadblocks faced and how they were overcome
  • Iterative change - approaches to gate processes, politics and agendas when undertaking large transformation projects, innovation and tackling disruption
  • Monitoring market developments - keeping an eye out for signals and knowing when to initiate change
  • Gaining C-suite commitment and designing a modern digital leadership team
Melissa Firth, Chief Digital Officer, Te Papa & Director, NZTech
Nikhil Ravishankar, Chief Digital Officer, Vector
James Dickinson, Chief Information Officer, BDO
Closing Keynote: The new competitive advantage - innovation, adaptability, and failing fast to embrace the pace of change in a digital world
  • Challenge or opportunity? Embracing an unpredictable and rapidly changing business environment to foster innovation
  • Creating frameworks that are scalable to changing market conditions: how to fail fast and innovate without disrupting the business to a point of dysfunction
  • Does an organisation’s size limit adaptability and flexibility? A global and local perspective on the approach of global organisations versus small players
  • Models to fosters digital innovation and entrepreneurship; a perspective on how organisations and ecosystems can cultivate digital innovation
Lauren Salisbury, Strategy Partner, Momenta Partners
Summary remarks from the Chair and close of conference
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