Delivering Customer Centric Services

Exploring design, prototyping and delivery for customer centric services in NZ

11 - 12 Nov 2019Te Wharewaka Tapere, Wellington
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Creating a customer journey map to help with customer centric service delivery
13 November 2019 | 9.00 am - 12.30 pm
No matter what service you are delivering, you must approach the journey from your customer’s perspective.  Building a customer journey map is a great way to understand exactly where they are coming from and how they feel about it.
  • Why customer journey maps are important for the true design of delivering customer centric service
  • Creating journey maps of what you believe your customer’s experiences to be
  • Involving the customer in your research to make sure you are on the right path
  • Designing the process so it is easy to see, change, integrate and share information easily
  • Assessing what steps are needed in order to get the desired outcome
  • Understanding ‘pain points’ and working to find solutions
  • Deciding whether omni channels are appropriate 
  • Looking into the tools that can help with the process
  • The best ways to use customer journey mapping within your organisation

Prashant Bakshi

Chief Customer Officer


Prashant Bakshi currently works as the Chief Customer Officer at New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Prashant is a storyteller, a right-brained leader In his role, Prashant is tasked with driving NZQA’s Customer Experience (Cx) strategy and create momentum, energy and delivery focus in the implementation of the strategy. Prashant is accountable for Service Design, Customer Insights, Complaints, Customer Channels (Web, Contact centre, Apps etc), Business Process Management, Information Management, Privacy and Organisational Strategy and Performance. Prashant has been a Cx leader for several years and has experience in a variety of strategic and operational roles in public and private organisations in New Zealand and overseas. Consistently across all his career, Prashant has been a high energy, and highly passionate leader who believes in taking everyone on the journey and believes in the mantra of professional integrity – you cant be customer centric externally if you are not customer centric internally and treat staff as customers. This is where he tries to weave in the Cx and Ex together long before it becoming the latest fad!

Experience human-centred service design process – from challenge setting to prototyping
13 November 2019 | 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
An immersive workshop where you will be guided through processes, tools and mindsets required to develop a human-centred service, including:
  • Defining the basics for a service design process
  • What is your challenge? Framing your intent for a customer-centred project
  • Using empathy to get to know your customers and their needs
  • Developing ‘point of view’ statements (framing the problem in terms of your customer)
  • Surfacing areas of opportunity
  • Brainstorming and the ideation process
  • Creating concepts
  • Prototyping ideas and testing desirability with your customers
  • Analysis of your ideas against organisational feasibility and viability
Learnings and reflections for applying this approach at your organisation, including:
  • Creating the space, assembling your team, and creating working relationships with different groups
  • Tools that can help you be more customer centred – personas, customer journey maps etc
  • Finding the right balance of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Building team capability for being customer-centred in your organisation
  • Selling customer-centred to your manager
  • Prototyping as a de-risking strategy
  • Managing time frames, quality and being realistic about delivery
  • Implementing your ideas effectively

D'Arcy Dalzell

Design Catalyst


D’Arcy is an optimistic humanity-centred designer dedicated to co-creating more equitable societies and shaping better futures with her clients as a Design Catalyst at ThinkPlace. D’Arcy fosters confidence and builds resilience with teams of people as they navigate the ambiguities of complex change. She applies structured creativity to engage people in imagining alternative and innovative futures, and loves using prototyping to align strategies and develop services that work for the people who use them. She excels at bringing systems to life by having empathy for people experiencing the system across its’ multiple layers— a valuable skill to leverage when you are making lasting and meaningful change with impact. D’Arcy has worked with iconic New Zealand not-for-profits to redesign their service offering, has prototyped entire new services with, and for, people who experience financial difficulty and facilitated young global leaders to create solutions to meet our Sustainable Development Goals. She is currently focused on system change for climate action.

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