Delivering Customer Centric Services

Exploring design, prototyping and delivery for customer centric services in NZ

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Opening remarks from the Chair
Building design into the culture of large organisations
  • We are starting to see design get a seat at the table in some organisations in New Zealand
  • However becoming more design and customer centric oriented is still a challenge for most large organisations
  • What we see instead are pockets of good design practices operating in siloes
  • This talk will provide practical take-aways to help design and customer experience teams influence and change the perception that large organisations have around the value of embracing a  customer-centric culture
Erick Mohr, Service Design Director, Digital Arts Network Auckland
Beyond the horizon – tapping into research and expectation
  • Predicting the next five years of technology evolution and changing workforces
  • Addressing shifting values and the effect on privacy for your customers
  • The importance of scaling customer experience and design effectively
  • Looking at the birth of a truly technology savvy digital citizen
Gavin Knight, General Manager Insights and Analytics, Central Region Technical Advisory Service
Morning Break
Innovation and strategy in customer centric service design
  • What are the advantages of using a customer centric service design process?
  • Where do you start your process and what tools do you need?
  • Using the process to better understand your services so you can deliver the best possible experience/outcome for your customer/end user
Nicola Halliday, Customer Experience Director, BNZ
PANEL – The design and delivery of customer centric services in the modern digital age
  • What role does customer centricity play in the strategy of your organisation or business?
  • What are the key impediments to customer centricity playing an active role in product and service development?
  • Key learnings from ‘external customer experience’ which should be actively applied to organisations/businesses?
  • What difference does being customer centric actually make to customers?
Sue McLean, Digital Technology Services Manager, Transpower
Nicola Halliday, Customer Experience Director, BNZ
Stephen McKernon, Service and Design Lead - Digital Transformation, Auckland Council
Lunch Break
CASE STUDY - How to authentically engage with community to co-design and co-create services
  • Mapping your journey for true customer centric co-design and creation
  • Explaining why deep empathy with the customer is an important part of the design process
  • Balancing diversity, inclusivity and equity when changing customer service through the use of technology
  • Using the right balance of qualitative and quantitative data to transform your insights into effective service delivery
Prashant Bakshi, Chief Customer Officer, NZQA
CASE STUDY – NZTA -Engaging with young people to design customer centric services
  • Exploring the customer journey and insights to inform solutions
  • What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome these?
  • Designing services to help groups with accessibility challenges who may benefit the most 


Andrea Amies, Product Manager,
CASE STUDY – Libraries changing community engagement to co-create future services, spaces and experiences

Learn how Hutt City Libraries changed the way they engaged with their community to co-design and co-create a library strategy for the future.
You’ll find out how to:

  • Understand the true needs and future desired experiences of all user groups in your community through empathy conversations
  • Develop a set of user personas based on insights from these conversations, to apply to future services, spaces and experiences
  • Unlock and capture the gold nuggets of community knowledge, insights and understanding from your front facing customer staff, and recognise the important role these staff play


Kat Cuttriss, Divisional Manager Libraries, Hutt City Libraries
Celeste Skachill, Director, StudioC Design
Afternoon break
Being truly customer-centred – what questions do we need to ask ourselves?
  • What does it mean to authentically connect with values of our customers?
  • What are the ethical implications of customercentred design?
  • What do we do when our own biases and mindsets are challenged?


D'Arcy Dalzell, Design Catalyst, ThinkPlace
  • What ethical conundrums in relation to the design process are you facing in your workplace at the moment?
  • What strategies do you use to deal with these situations?


Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Service prototyping: re-designing a service for customers and staff
  • Understanding multiple stakeholder services
  • Using the persona and the journey to define the future service for customers and staff
  • Prototyping the future service with customers and staff
Stephen McKernon, Service and Design Lead - Digital Transformation, Auckland Council
Creating innovation mindsets to shift strategy, governance
  • Ways to help stakeholders understand the strategy and culture shift needed to become truly customer centric
  • The importance of focusing on customer needs and outcomes in service design, rather than just delivering the latest technology
  • Managing challenges, conflict resolution and building resilience within your teams
  • Ensuring the right supports are in place to enable flexibility and ongoing support
Darcy Mellsop, Process and Customer Excellence, ci lab
Morning Break
Doing Digital Responsibly: Let's minimise inadvertent digital harm
  • Learn how software can inadvertently harm people
  • Discover what blind spots you and your teams may have
  • Learn about techniques and approaches that you can use to help mitigate some of the risks of causing accidental digital harm
Aaron Hodder, Service Lead, Assurity Consulting Ltd
CASE STUDY – Innovating service design solutions to enhance customer experience
  • Examining the challenges to flip Transpower’s service to a customer centric design model
  • The importance of communication and understanding the customer in service design 
  • Looking at the design of the service catalogue and the best ways to use it
Sue McLean, Digital Technology Services Manager, Transpower
Lunch Break
Making the business case for customer centric design
  • Why customer centric design should be a part of your business/organisation strategy from the top down
  • The importance of connecting with your customer/end user
  • Uncovering real moments of truth and authenticity to create insights for business growth
Designing service platforms/delivery for large customer bases with complex needs
  • Identifying the service your customers require
  • Ensuring systems are created and implemented with the right support and resourcing
  • Attempting to integrate services in order to create better service delivery
  • Ensuring that change is delivered sustainably, including regulatory, legal, and privacy considerations
Jared Van Huenen, Associate Director - Strategy, PwC
CASE STUDY – omni channel creation
  • Keeping up in a competitive environment with changing dynamics, and still being customer centric
  • Exploring the challenges of automating and digitising whilst incorporating legacy refinements
  • Managing the transformational change and engaging your culture to get the buy in
Michelle Ross, Transformation, Change and Capability, Air New Zealand
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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