Decarbonising Heat

Pathways to the decarbonisation of heating and industrial process heat

8 - 9 Dec 2020Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland
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Process Heating for smaller scale buildings, operations, and facilities
10 December 2020 | 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Heating is a necessity for everyone, but the cost of heating is more than an electric bill. This workshop will delve into the technical aspects and logistics of fuel changing, the cost of fuels and the energy density of different fuel types. Walking away from this workshop, you will have all the tools needed to make informed and balanced decisions about your heating needs.

·       Why decarbonising is crucial for your organisation- reviewing the social, environmental, and financial impacts of decarbonising your heating  

·       Reviewing the realities of different renewable fuels- energy content, carbon emission output and the cost of fuel and fuel transition  

·       Logistics review- accessibility, storage, and transport of all fuels  

·       Making difficult decisions- Which fuel is the most financially viable now vs which is more sustainable in the long term?   

·       Establishing the current life cycle of standard and electrode boilers    

·       Reviewing the advancements and restrictions of new heating technologies

Christian Jirkowsky

Managing Director

Polytechnik Biomass Energy Ltd

Christian Jirkowsky, based in the Hawkes Bay New Zealand, is Polytechnik Biomass Energy’s Managing Director with twentyeight years of experience in areas such as heat and power generation via wood, biomass and fossil fuels, emission control and heat recovery systems in markets such as Europe, Asia, Oceania and Americas. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is passionate about sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Christian is experienced in design and engineering of wood and biomass fuelled thermal energy plants as well as emission control system with a focus on leading-edge technologies. Not only due to his direct involvement in over 600 bioenergy plants he is recognized as one of the leading experts in the Bioenergy Industry in Australasia with particular expertise in: Industrial Energy Plants, Combined Heat and Power (Co- and Trigeneration), Combustion Solutions, Energy Recovery Systems, Energy from Wood and Forest Waste, Air Pollution Control, etc. Since 2013, including the 2014 EECA Supreme Award winning plant, K&L Nurseries, Polytechnik sold and/or installed, in both New Zealand and Australia, well over a dozen stateof-the art boiler plants with a total thermal output of over 50,000 kW.

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  • 8 - 9 Dec 2020
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