Data and Analytics Leaders Conference

Beyond analytics – examining AI, Augmented Intelligence and data leadership within NZ organisations

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    Your Chair

    Jan Sheppard

    Chief Data Officer

    Tertiary Education Commission

    I love data! It is an amazing resource that can be stretched, molded and mashed up to see things never seen before, to tell stories and to change worlds. It does not get worn out, rather being used over and over improves data and increases its value. Now is the age of data as technology has improved to the point where it is an enabler rather than the main event. The emphasis has shifted to the "information" side of IT from the "technology" side, which creates exciting opportunities. At the Tertiary Education Commission I have implemented innovative approaches to data, including creating a start up type model where I had 21 direct reports covering data warehousing and BI. By implementing this model I was able to unlock the potential in the team and build capability that transformed us into a pretty amazing shop serving 4,000 customers. Scaling beyond this required a different model, based on centers of excellence and we now reach out to all New Zealanders. I first got in to IT in 1999, like many at the time as a result of Y2K. I was contracting and happy to give anything a go. I had an interview to be a tester for a Y2K compliance upgrade to a complex system, and the interview consisted of one question, do you know what a relational database is? To which I simply said yes. I was hired on the spot and the rest is history.
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