Data and Analytics Leaders Conference

Beyond analytics – examining AI, Augmented Intelligence and data leadership within NZ organisations

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    Registration and coffee
    Opening remarks from the Chair
    Jan Sheppard, Chief Data Officer, Tertiary Education Commission
    Opening remarks: The data landscape – innovations and technology trends to drive your organisational strategy
    • Assessing the business impact and adjusting business models to accommodate incoming technology influences
    • Utilising augmented intelligence and artificial intelligence to handle increasingly large data sets
    • The need for agile, data centric architecture practices that can evolve with business priorities
    Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
    The evolution of the C-suite – the rise of Chief Data and Analytics Officers
    • Scalability, platforms and the business case for data – why organisations now need Chief Data Officers
    • Setting the tone for organisation wide analytics capabilities
    • From the top down – how a strong data and analytic capability enables growth and innovation across the business
    Stuart Mackereth, Chief Data Officer, Datacom
    Morning Break
    AI Leaders Panel: Practical Artificial Intelligence – beyond the hype for business outcomes

    No other technology trend has caused a wave quite like the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence. This panel will examine the rise of these technologies and the role they can play in augmenting your IT strategy.

    • Case studies from implementation – small- and large-scale implementation and areas for rapid improvement within existing IT strategies
    • Beyond chat bots – how you can augment your customer facing processes through smart AI deployment
    • Why data is still king – fine tuning your data practices to enable practical AI applications across your business functions
    Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
    Dr Julian Seidenberg, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, McCarthyFinch
    Chris Pearce, Head of Artificial Intelligence Programmes – Global Operations, Fonterra
    Case study: Commercialising data use – the implications, challenges and use cases
    • Examining governance models for ethical and compliant data use
    • What is hindering effective data commercialisation within NZ’s business environment?
    • Legal frameworks and risk analysis for data commercialisation models
    Corinne Walters, data analyst, Genesis Energy
    Being brave with data – using digital twins to enable new virtual realities

    The rapid growth of data analytics, machine learning and IoT have enabled organisations to use these data sets to allow comprehensive modelling.

    • Utilising digital twins to optimise performance and time to market
    • Examining the digital twin simulation advantage – how we can use advanced analytic capabilities for accurate predictive intelligence
    • Using digital twins to contextualise data and to gain deeper understanding into the operating environment
    Michael Howden, Senior Digital Associate , Beca
    Addressing skills requirements – why being data literate is important across business functions
    • Looking outside of the analytics teams – bringing literacy across the organisation to maximise data outcomes
    • Why dashboards are just the beginning – encouraging and supporting staff to use data outputs to improve their roles, productivities and outputs
    • Retaining, hiring and training staff to fulfil skills gaps and requirements around data and analytics
    Arvin Chand, Data Engineer, New Zealand Transport Agency
    Case study: Data analytics in Agile environments – adapting data practices to enable Agile
    • Adjusting analytic programmes for Agile environments – ensuring data products aren’t obsolete before they are complete
    • What analytics capacity is needed? Bringing data science within Agile teams
    • What analytic tools can bring your data
    Emily Shaw, Director, Luma Analytics
    Afternoon Break
    Ensuring fairness – machine-learning, algorithms and modern business ethics
    • What does ethical AI and data use look like?
    • Examining the underpinning ethical values that guide AI deployment and development
    • Transparency, trust and privacy – frameworks for data protection and ethical use of AI
    Dr Vikash Kumar, Data Scientist & Technical Lead, NZ Transport Agency
    Why encryption is no longer enough - cyber security and the rise of threats to data

    As malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats increase significantly, organisations are needing to have a stringent plan in place to support the security of data. This session will examine case studies of when data security has failed, the outcomes and the lessons we can learn.

    Ian White, General Manager - Cybersecurity, ZX Security Ltd
    Case study: Customer centricity – the balance between regulation, data use and future analytics
    • Reengineering data use to form a customer centric approach
    • Identifying the line between customer safety, regulation and privacy
    • How we can continue to adapt and evolve our data use policies to enable a greater customer centric approach
    Jeremy Anderson, Executive Director – Data & Insight, NZX Ltd
    Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Conference
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