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Registration and Coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Kieran Turner, Head of Customer, Z
OPENING KEYNOTE: What will the customer experience journey look like in 2030?
  • What are the forces shaping customer experience and engagement?
  • Highlighting the trends that organisations need to keep on top of, to better develop CX strategies
  • Getting the wider team involved in the CX journey
  • Portraying what a successful customer experience and engagement journey looks like in 2030
Kris Nygren, Partner - Digital and Customer Leader, PwC
How we should be striving to deliver customer experience excellence as we enter a time where customers expect far more from the brands they engage with

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, and with disruption hitting every industry, delivering customer experience excellence is one of the surest ways to drive differentiation and growth. Creating new value and gaining brand loyalty is achieved not by focusing on specific product features or design, but by re-imagining the broader experience of how customers use your products and services.

Russell will share his thoughts on achieving customer experience excellence through a presentation that explores emerging trends, CX themes, growth territories and an introduction to the 'Experience Innovation System’.

Russell Douglas, Founder and Principal Strategist, D&Co
Placing the Customer at the Centre of Your Universe: a CX strategy roadmap from concept to delivery
  • Strategically building your CX Business Case: stakeholder engagement, ROI and change communications
  • Understanding your customer –  their wider context, key drivers and the touchpoints which are critical for success
  • Redefining your Customer Journey Map
Morning break
Changing demographics – What makes our customers tick?
  • What are the current trends within NZ society – understanding the demographic shifts to better identify your target markets
  • Why do they choose you? Understanding the forces at play in customer choice
  • Demonstrating customer behaviour – what are the patterns when it comes to their purchase and consumption trends
Amanda Singleton, Chief Customer Officer, Watercare Services
Leaders’ panel | Customer engagement at the heart of the organisation
  • Becoming a customer driven organisation – what are the benefits?
  • Promoting a customer focused culture – how can you encourage your employees to get on board the CX journey
  • Understanding the role of data and analytics in enabling great customer experience
  • Sharing ROI insights – how did the organization grow by implementing a customer culture
  • Downfalls of not keeping up with customer trends – sharing the value that was lost and how to avoid this
Amanda Singleton, Chief Customer Officer, Watercare Services
Dr Ratneesh Suri, Head of Data and AI, IAG
Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA New Zealand
Fiona Blanchard, Head of Visitor Services, Auckland War Memorial Museum
TABLE TALK: Key takeaways for New Zealand organisations to implement in their CX journeys
Lunch break
The paradox of scaling CX - using digital employees without losing the human touch

While digital assistants are essential in delivering premium, personalised customer engagements, their true value can only be realised when viewing and hiring them as we would human employees.

Eduard Liebenberger, Director of Technology, Jade Software
Case study: Utilising technology and customer insights to drive solutions | NZTA and ACC

The NZ Transport Agency and ACC have developed Drive, a product range to support improved road safety awareness amongst young drivers. The Transport Agency and ACC worked with young drivers to understand their current learn to drive journey and to better understand what might assist them to become skilled and safe drivers. In this session, the Transport Agency and ACC will share the young driver road safety issues, customer insights and research that led to the customer journey map and solutions.

Kim Albrecht, Manager, Education and Advertising Team, NZTA
George Vaeau, Injury Prevention Specialist, ACC
Afternoon break
Fastlane: An experimental CX Journey

A world first for fuel, Fastlane was recently introduced as a way to pay without touching your wallet, phone or credit card. Fastlane is now live at over 40 locations across Auckland. Customers, including Z Card holders, from Warkworth to Waiuku can now Zip thru Z using Fastlane. This CX has been recognised with top awards in NZ (Best Design Award) and AU (Best
Tech Partnership). Learn about the experimental journey that Z Energy is through this case study on Z’s first Innovation pipeline exit.

Scott Bishop, Chief Innovation Officer, Z
Closing keynote: Achieving excellence in customer experience | Farmlands Co-Operative

Farmlands Co-Operative was recognised in their CX efforts and they won the KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence Award. Hear from Farmlands about what makes them stand out and how they build on their CX journey.

Debbie Bellis, Brand and Customer Experience Manager, Farmlands Co-Operative
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Kieran Turner, Head of Customer, Z
Transforming customer experience through enhancing employee experience’
  • What does good look like? If you want to understand customer experience, ask your customer facing team
  • A collaborative approach to change ‘Go fast and go alone’ or ‘Go slow and go together’
  • Delighting our employees–identifying and addressing what matters
  • Delighting our visitors–from transactional to transformational, how to add and measure value
  • Embedding change–creating a culture of continuous improvement connected to a living strategy
Fiona Blanchard, Head of Visitor Services, Auckland War Memorial Museum
Local Government Case Study: Using customer experience measurement to drive continuous improvement
  • Why customer experience is so important to our council
  • Measuring our performance from our customers’ experience
  • How our staff use customer feedback to drive continuous improvement
  • Tracking our progress and measuring success
Shaun Clarke, CEO, Far North District Council
Morning tea
Shaking up a traditional and mature industry through a bold rebrand and transformation: from energy generator to customer champion

Contact’s company-wide brand transformation project has seen the established energy retailer and generator emerge as ‘the human energy company’ where customers are placed firmly at the heart of Contact’s strategic business focus. Bryan and his team are at the coalface of customer interaction – refining product development, driving and converting sales, and improving the customer experience at each stage of their journey. The journey has resulted in six new products designed in co-creation with customers, with a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of customers from all walks of life, including those facing financial hardship.

Tom Probert, Head of Marketing, Contact
The art of communicating using a chatbot | Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery recently launched their chatbot through Facebook Messenger. This chatbot uses machine learning to showcase the Gallery’s collection of 17,000 artwork. This session will delve into how this chatbot is improving communication with customers but also how the chatbot is becoming ‘smarter’ with each communication.

Katherine Barrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Pixel Fusion
Lunch break
Psychology of customers | Data, analytics and more
  • Cutting out the noise - how to structure your customer data and what tools are useful to better understand their behaviour
  • From BI to CI – how to move your organisation from Business Intelligence to Customer Intelligence through effective data storytelling
  • From insight to action – how to turn you customer experience data into tangible actions to improve business performance
Emily Shaw, Director, Luma Analytics
Damien Christoffersen, Director, Luma Analytics
Driving a CX strategy | Ipsos
  • Exploring where the organisation is, when it comes to customer experience and engagement
  • Understanding the ‘voice of the customer’ and how this should drive the experience
Amrutha Murthy, Director, Customer Experience, Ipsos
Afternoon break
Making customer experience tangible | The journey from ideas to impact
  • A case study of customer-led insights discovery
  • Translating insights into brand design and business models
  • CX at heart - a blueprint of customer-centric organisations
Sarah Clearwater, Director, Customer Xperience Collective
Balancing the online and face-to-face customer experience

This session will delve into understanding your brand and narrating that experience both online and in person and how this can be achieved.

Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney Moloney
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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