Customer Engagement and Technology Summit

Delivering exceptional customer experiences in an ever-evolving market

25 - 26 May 2020Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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  • 25 - 26 May 2020
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Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Sacha Coburn, Chief Operating Officer , Coffee Culture
A CX outlook: A view of the present and the future
Painting a picture: The predicted progression of CX over the next 10 years
  • Examine the emerging future trends that will dominate the customer journey
  • Delve into the expected technology disruptors including artificial intelligence, robotics, voice recognition and augmented reality
  • Understand future challenges and opportunities that will impact CX delivery
  • Keep pace with the future of CX by envisioning what successful customer experiences will look like in 2030
Gareth Parry , Partner, Digital and Customer Experience , PwC New Zealand
Culture 2025: Forecast your future customers

People’s fundamental needs don’t change; the world around them does. Understanding culture, however, allows us to anticipate the experiences people will seek. To know culture not only allows us to be able to serve customers of today and tomorrow with purpose, perception and foresight, it equips us with the ability to anticipate context and navigate change, positioning us in a place of advantage, opportunity and innovation.

  • Understand the most important cultural shifts impacting your customers in 2025
  • Inform relevant CX strategies - view your customer as whole person through culture, context and human needs to tap into their minds
  • Recognise changing customer preferences, trends and expectations
  • Bring these together in a powerful way to re-orient your CX strategies
Antonia Mann , Senior Cultural Scientist , The Research Agency
Morning break
Digital identity and access management: Encouraging a frictionless customer experience
  • Unlock the value of customer digital identities for a seamless and secure experience
  • Identify relevant models of digital identity strategies
  • Technology integration - incorporating an omnichannel approach to customer identity
  • Foster customer comfort by striking a balance between privacy and personalisation
Amy Di Benedetto , Digital Product Owner , Bank of New Zealand
A snapshot of customer data use: Applications, complications and advantages

Incorporating the use of customer data into a CX strategy is critical in today’s business environment. However, the increased legalities and awareness around data protection has emphasised the importance of understanding and implementing sound customer data policies.

  • The customer data dilemma - understanding the power of it
  • Wrestling with the data explosion
  • The threats and effects - how it can be abused through algorithms
  • Approaching customer data privacy laws, protections and restrictions
  • What can you do? Using customer data for enhanced insights to influence customer engagement management strategies
Matt Lythe, Managing Director, Lynker Analytics
Lunch break
Customer experience archetypes
Overcoming financial inertia through customer engagement | Kiwi Wealth’s ‘Future You’ case study
  • Why there is a need to improve customer engagement- putting customers in the driver's seat
  • Hear about the challenges with implementing a personalised financial advice experience
  • Examine the process - the challenges we faced, and the 5 lessons learnt
Joe Bishop, GM Customer, Product & Innovation, Kiwi Wealth
Mind the gap: When CX research delivers

Insights can often be found in the gaps of what people say, and what they actually do. Nick will share examples and case studies from his qualitative, contextual studies where exploring these conflicts has revealed and re-framed opportunities for design, product and marketing teams. He’ll talk through how he deliberately engages with customers in ways which reveal these gaps in order to change the conversation, helping teams discover what they are really selling. 

Nick Bowmast , Director , Bowmast Design Research
It's a personal experience, no two are the same: An individualised approach to understanding the customer journey
  • An immersive approach to building a customer journey map from the ground up
  • Appreciating the customer’s journey to success and the reiterative cycle of their experience
  • Accounting for the micro moments – it’s the little things that count
Deborah Lazarus, CX Chapter Lead & Customer Journey Specialist, Spark New Zealand
Cherise Chin, Customer Journey Manager, Genesis Energy
Afternoon break
Designing for scale while staying #human

Product design and research have always been core to the foundations of Xero with a focus in the early days of not just bringing accounting to the cloud but redefining what it meant to use software that was intuitive, easy to use and beautiful. This has created a wave of growth that is spurring an opportunity to reimagine new ways of doing #beautiful business for the next decade where design will play a crucial role.

  • Transforming design and the research experience for the next stage of business growth
  • Staying customer obsessed as the business grows
  • Optimizing the design, product, engineering process to build best of breed experiences
  • Mindful management and building a human culture
  • Structuring teams for success and the role of collaboration
Emily Henlein , Executive GM of Design , Xero
The B2B customer experience: Forming and maintaining strong trade relationships
  • Build long-lasting customer lifetime value - focusing on retention and referrals for continuing success
  • Develop a strategy that reflects and integrates organisational values
  • The customisation of B2B customer engagement - understand the complex customer journey
Max Ashton , Customer Experience Manager , Ricoh New Zealand
Summary remarks from the Chair & networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Innovation in customer engagement
Leaders’ panel | Raising the bar of customer engagement

Drawing on their experiences with implementing innovative customer experience and engagement strategies, a panel of industry leaders will delve into the process of cranking the CX dial and highlight how they consistently kept it there.

  • See success, think success - redefining the baseline by delivering high class CX
  • Sharing the special sauce - the lessons learnt, and the benefits gained
  • Customer-centricity or customer-obsessed? How to supercharge your CX efforts with superior innovative concepts
  • Avoiding complacency and the prospects of plateau
Lisa Sammut , Head of Digital and Customer Engagement Centre, TSB
Debbie Klintworth , Group Loyalty CX Manager , SkyCity Entertainment Group
Engaging customers with imagination, innovation, and solutions | New World’s Waka Kai case study

Waka Kai is an initiative developed by New World in Whitianga, where they took the concept of delivering groceries to a whole new level by delivering them by boat! From the perspective of both the client and agency, Kerry and Corinna will jointly discuss and share their experience with bringing the idea to life. 

  • The big idea - solving customer pain points through innovation 
  • The opportunity to inspire and engage customers creates results directly and indirectly- a halo effect and success after the campaign 
  • Explore the outcomes generated by implementing a unique customer experience – lessons learnt and over-coming the hurdles 
Corinna Homer, Business Director, Because Creative Experiences
Morning Break
Finding the sweet spot between digital and face-to-face CX
  • Understand the customer decision process and journey in a digitally focused environment
  • To exceed expectations, technological CX initiatives begin with the customer in mind   
  • Evolution not substitution- delivering consistency between the digital and physical experience
  • Thrive in an ever-changing business environment by
Nathalie Moolenschot , Head of CX Strategy, Colenso BBDO
Industry collaboration to solve big CX problems
  • Building a community hub to deliver excellent customer experience for everyone
  • Acknowledge the digital divide dominance in New Zealand and the importance of a diverse range of CX modes
  • Breaking down the barriers for customers to access CX and enabling them to succeed
Lunch Break
What’s next? Improving the CX process
The Age of Agility: Evolving the Customer Experience
  • CX triangle - a holistic approach to value creation, balancing IX, EX and CX (investors, employees and customers)
  • Collaboration to creation – optimising cross-functional delivery and co-design methods for greater impact and employee engagement
  • The Empathy Exercise – obtaining quality feedback to identify the ‘moments that matter’
Briana Millar , Customer Experience Manager , Tonkin + Taylor
CX maturity model: Where do you sit?
  • What makes an organisation CX mature? We will share our perspective from years of work across many industries. 
  • How do you develop your CX maturity?  Where should you invest?
  • How do you measure and demonstrate the success of your investment in CX? 
Tim McLeod, Director CX & Digital, D&Co
Afternoon break
Ownership of the customer experience: Where does CX fit in an organisational structure?
  • Demonstrate a holistic approach to developing a CX strategy - the challenges experienced, and the benefits gained
  • Who is responsible? Amplifying collaboration to best complement other CX efforts
  • Organisational architecture and the interaction between one another - a silo or team approach
Neil Cole, Customer Experience Manager, KiwiRail
Moving the CX needle: Shifting organisational culture to be customer focused
  • Successful staff creates successful customers - examine the connection between a positive staff experience driving the frontline of effective CX
  • Understand the process of enhancing staff empowerment to understand the wider organisational picture
  • Gain insight into the best practices to embed a customer-centric culture in an organisation
Pic Picot , Chief Executive Officer, Pic's Peanut Butter
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
  • Conference
  • Super saver price $1999 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 27 Mar
  • Last minute price $2499 + GST
  • 25 - 26 May 2020
  • Workshop(s)
  • Super saver price from $799 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 27 Mar
  • Last minute price from $999 + GST
  • 27 May 2020
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