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Welcome from the Chair
Boyd Wason , Director , Done by Friday
Why Facebook Messenger is the Most Important New Marketing Channel for your Business and How to Use It
JAMES GILBERT, Head of Marketing APAC, Hubspot
Personifying your ideal customer: Developing personas to better refine automation parameters
  • Contextualising an audience to understand behaviour patterns
  • Enhancing persona development and maintenance of an accurate persona
  • Identifying key customer data points to target a personalised experience
SONIA SLATTERY, Content Marketing Director, Done by Friday
Morning break
Infinitely evolving social media: Staying ahead of platform and content evolutions and changes
  • Covering off platform changes from the last 12 months
  • Identifying opportunities to amplify content reach via social influencers
  • Maintaining a consistent brand voice while adapting to trends
  • Looking at the year ahead - future and emerging trends
ALISHA PALIN, USA Marketing Specialist, JUCY
Say it quickly, say it well - Successfully transitioning from traditional marketing practices to Inbound
  • Delivering impactful, meaningful and valuable content efficiently
  • Taking an audience’s needs and means of consumption in consideration
  • Targeting and personalising content to appeal to audiences
  • Measuring ROI on content/integrating into a platform
Alan Sharpe, Senior Manager, Customer Engagement and Communications & Kiwi Wealth
Lunch break
Case study: Building a Saas user onboarding sequence from scratch
  • Adopting, refining and integrating automation tools which complement existing efforts
  • Planning long-term strategies to maximise potential and provide benefits to the automation outcome
  • Allocating necessary in-house resources to achieve a successful automation outcome
SAMANTHA RYAN, Head of Marketing Automation, Optimal Workshop
AI-enabled chatbots: a winning combination of content marketing, automation and personalisation
  • First things first: chatbots demystified
  • Transition from lead generation to relationship building
  • Automation and personalisation - no longer strange bedfellows
  • Amplifying "traditional" digital marketing with chatbots

Andrei Link, CEO, Active Associate
Afternoon break
Getting loud with the crowd

Over the past few years, Kiwibank has built up a network of brand and content partnerships that bring together causes they care about with channels that want to talk about them, including the Department of Conservation, Predator Free NZ Trust, Banqer, The Spinoff, Newsroom, TVNZ, Idealog and more. This talk will show you how building a family of complementary brand and content partnerships can extend your reach, amplify your message and connect you with your target audience where they already are through channels they already love.

CLAYTON FOSTER, Brand Lead, Kiwibank
Using customer insight to create a content strategy
  • Reaching our target audience and building engagement before having product in market
  • Building a community around our purpose
  • Building a brand through content - developing a strong voice
SONYA WILLIAMS, Founder & Director, Sharesies
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Harnessing the power of storytelling in content marketing
  • Why our brains are hard-wired for story telling
  • Balancing left and right brain narratives - Sense making vs meaning making
  • How to engage and provoke using language that appeals to the senses
  • How to storify your content for action-driven results
STEVE BALLANTYNE, Managing Director, Ballantyne Taylor
Spots, Stripes, Feathers and Bugs: Creating and curating wild content
  • A workplace rich with engaging and challenging content, how to find the right channel in which to tell it?
  • Understanding platform audiences and curating content appropriately
  • Employing a strategy that creates reach and builds brand friendships
  • Empowering the workforce to tell and share stories from their perspective
KATE ORGIAS, Content Advisor, Auckland Zoo
Morning break
Data not opinion: Interpreting analytics to refine strategy
  • Synthesizing data to draw meaningful insights
  • Enabling improved decision-making strategies using analytics
  • Identifying CTA’s which are working and revamping ones which aren’t
Chris Pointer, Senior Client Service, Uprise Digital
Delivering measurable ROI and developing practices to increase calls to action with automation
  • Determining ROI Benchmarks
  • Strategies to ensure prospects/customers are taking the action you want
  • The art of testing & pivoting, to maximise returns
Caro McCourtie , Digital Conversion & Marketing Automation Specialist, Catchi
Lunch break
Tactics to reach the top: Understanding Google's AI
  • The influence of RankBrain on Google search rank
  • Understanding contemporary SEO
  • Strategies to stay competitive long term
  • Connecting activity back to business KPIs
PERRY BERNARD, Search Marketing Strategist, Cranked SEO
Enhancing automation capabilities to grow user engagement
  • Creating a structured content marketing strategy that is true to brand narrative
  • Generating quality content experiences
  • Leveraging data to better personalise offerings
EMILY STEVENSON, Marketing and Communications Manager, FAB Group
Afternoon break
Case Study: Integrating video into an automation strategy
  • Considering how video performs alongside other content efforts
  • Creating quality content and attracting audiences
  • The future of AI in deciphering audio-visual language
  • Managing the analytics and understanding the success behind a video
MARCUS WILD, Chief Marketing Officer, Fisher Funds
Delivering messaging that is impactful
  • Effectively identifying the intrinsic nature of a difficult problem
  • Successfully segmenting an audience and appealing to audience’s emotions
  • Driving increased awareness with the role of social influencers
  • Amplifying reach through social media
COLIN KENNEDY, Content Marketing Strategist, Iron Road
Closing remarks from the Chair and close of conference
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