Content Marketing & Automation

Streamlining content, developing strategies and automation capabilities to optimise content and enhance brand reach

5 - 6 Mar 2018Grand Millennium, Auckland
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separately bookable workshops
7 March 2018 | 9.00am - 5.00pm


This full-day workshop offers the opportunity to focus on acquiring and implementing a marketing strategy that is fit-for-purpose. This workshop aims to reinvigorate your current marketing strategies by introducing new methods to make the leap of delivering the right message to the right customer.

  • Developing a roadmap to implement and customise a marketing automation platform that’s right for your business
  • Defining key strategic goals in developing a long-term automated marketing strategy
  • Measuring and reporting key metrics to understand success and failure
  • Refining automation tools to better target and segment audiences
  • Streamlining response times to handle customer and prospect enquiries
  • Converting engagement and leads into sales
  • Working smarter to improve efficiency and increase productivity to save time and money

Colin Kennedy

Content Marketing Strategist

Iron Road

Colin Kennedy is a B2B content marketing strategist, an award winning professional speaker and a writer with more than 30,000 hours of writing behind him. A journalist by background, his work – both personal and client related – has been published and featured across almost all of New Zealand’s online, print and broadcast media. In addition to working as an editor, he has occupied roles as a marketing manager, public relations director and CEO for an export industry body. He started the content marketing agency Iron Road in 2004 – when nobody had heard of content marketing, and early enough to buy the URL

7 March 2018 | 9.00am - 5.00pm


This workshop focuses on translating the skill acquired from the conference and expand these learnings in a more in-depth, hands-on interactive environment. This full-day workshop offers an opportunity to focus on developing automation strategies which are right for your business.

  • Build, expand and track - establishing an execution plan to develop long-term automation strategies
  • Understanding your business objectives and establishing clear objectives for a marketing automation plan
  • Identifying pain points to pinpoint unrealised marketing opportunities
  • Improving functionality and workload efficiency to increase productive outputs
  • Consolidating and organising data insights to perfect automation tools to better target and segment audiences
  • Streamlining response times to drive prospect enquiries forward

Grant Osborne

Founder & Director

Pull Consulting

With 15 years of digital marketing leadership in both agency and in-house roles, I am helping business leaders to embrace digital change and to transform their business and customer experience, for good. I believe that: - The rate of technological change and changes in consumer behaviour are two of the biggest challenges for business leaders today - Conversational interfaces, personalization and AI are completely disrupting the way we buy and sell - Emerging technologies should be embraced. Greater speed, automation and intelligence is good for customers and is a competitive advantage - Organisations must become purpose-led to make real impact beyond profit

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