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Mike Shaw

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Rangitoto College

Associate Director of Communications

Massey University


Mary Wilson


Bats Inc

Mary has extensive leadership experience. She is a qualified executive coach and works with leaders in business and education in New Zealand and internationally. She uses the power of personal visioning to authentically coach for optimum performance. Mary strongly believes in working from strength and growing capacity through mutually agreed goals. As a facilitator Mary helps teams gain a clear picture of their future. Developing personal ownership and aligned action releases the human potential in everyone. Mary was the Establishment Principal of Baverstock Oaks School for 14 years where she led the development of a strong and sustainable, positive culture based on a truly shared vision. This involved the whole school community, which included teachers, parents and students being actively engaged as learners. Fourteen years on this culture is still growing in strength and depth and the next Principal was grown from within. Ownership of a shared vision delivers opportunities for authentic leadership. This involves directional alignment, distribution of responsibility and personal accountability together with mutual respect. Distributed leadership is clearly evident with everyone in the organisation continuously working towards mastery and focused on a shared purpose. Mary has also worked extensively over the last 12 years in other schools in NZ, Australia, Norway and Sweden supporting them towards authentic alignment with their visions and goals, coaching them to make evidence-based decisions and track and monitor performance for improved outcomes. Her work has now extended to working in Communities of Practice both in business, NGOs and education to effect change and support professional growth. Mary has worked extensively with large groups of schools in Communities of Learning supporting change and development of leadership, culture creation/growth, shared and personal visioning, coaching, mentoring, developing feedback environments and much more. Bats Inc have been involved in taking the 70/20/10 research (see attached) into action to support conferences to see their place in learning transfer rather than being stand-alone events. This supports key learning to be taken from a conference, which is unique to every person, and transfer this into action in their own context. A key belief is that ‘less is more’ and to create conference design that ensures people don’t drown in being ‘spoken at. They rather hear some key salient addresses and can make personal meaning. The use of learning review teams after each keynote speaker is designed to harness the power of social construction. This can be coupled with personal and collective reflection sessions, personal philosophy/vision development and set up of learning partner relationships during the conference. This supports the taking of information and creating your own unique knowledge that informs action at your place. WORK HISTORY Director Bats Inc Ltd • Executive Coach • Mentor • Educational /Learning Consultant • Leadership capacity and capability development • Culture creation • Change Manager • Principal performance development and appraisal Establishment Principal Baverstock Oaks School 2004 - 2018 • Educational Leadership • Established a large, multi-cultural school from green field site • Lead rapid growth 59-862 in 4 years • Lead change and culture creation • Performance development and appraisal of all staff • Developed and embedded inclusive culture across entire community • Strong student achievement results • Involved in all staff appointments over 14 years to ensure vibrant, dynamic and aligned team • Seconded Educational consultancy and support to other schools and leaders Establishment Associate Principal Somerville Intermediate School 1996 - 2004 • Educational Leadership • Member of Establishment Senior Leadership Team of green field site • Grew student role 208 - 1000 in 7 years • Seconded Educational consultancy and support to other schools in leadership and learning • Key responsibilities: •curriculum development and implementation • professional development of all staff • pastoral care/welfare of students • student achievement data analysis and synthesis EDUCATION Master of Educational Management UNITEC, Auckland 2007 Advanced Diploma of Teaching University of Auckland 1982
  • 28 Jul 2020
  • Online

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