Building, Designing & Maintaining Modern Schools & Facilities

Creating 21C learning environments to enhance New Zealand’s education outcomes

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Opening remarks from the Chair
Mike Shaw, Chair - Board of Trustees, Rangitoto College & Associate Director of Communications, Massey University
Opening keynote: Building modern learning environments that encourage collaboration

The Government’s investment into school infrastructure on either refurb or new build projects provides schools in NZ with modern learning environments (MLEs). This opening session will delve into the crux of how learners (adults and children) can operate in MLEs and collaborate effectively to drive results that helps improve New Zealand’s education sector.

  •          Understanding the shift from traditional classrooms to MLEs – diving into the need for an infrastructure upgrade
  •          Learning how teachers can effectively collaborate in 21C learning spaces that require a change of behaviour for all
  •          Tips and tricks on what changes need to happen to effectively collaborate
Mary Wilson, Director, Bats Inc
The use of technology in modern learning environments and how this is helping students to prepare for the future workforce
  • The future of work is changing. How do we keep up as education providers and can tech be the answer? 
  • Insights into the top technological innovations in education
  • A case in point: how Mission Ready blends technology, learning and workplace experience to prepare students for the future
Diana Sharma, Mission Director, Mission Ready HQ
Morning break
Legal update for schools: What do schools need to know

A discussion of key concerns for schools in procuring projects from a legal perspective, including:

  • How to set up the project for success and protect the school’s legal and commercial interests; and
  • Ensuring the school understands its legal obligations to protect students, staff, workers and others on the site
Richard Monigatti, Associate, Dentons Kensington Swan
Tamzin Dempster, Associate, Dentons Kensington Swan
Architect’s perspective: Designing modern school buildings
  • Discussing the challenges that architects are facing within a school rebuild project
  • Taking into account the needs of the school as well as the Ministry – how does the architect work with all the stakeholders and end-users involved to deliver the best possible solution?
  • Delivering the project within budget and on time – what are the ways of achieving this for school rebuild or refurbish projects?
Richard Naish, Director, RTA Studio
Lunch break
Case study: The journey 5-years on from being a modern school | Hobsonville Point Secondary School
  • Shedding insight into how Hobsonville Point Secondary School has developed over the last 5 years
  • Documenting the evolution of Hobsonville Point Secondary School – how has the design and pedagogy evolved in the last 5-years
  • Implementing practices to help new teachers and students adapt to the learning environment – how is Hobsonville Point Secondary School helping their stakeholders settle in?
Maurie Abraham, Principal, Hobsonville Point Secondary School
School property management: The do’s and the don’ts
  • Establishing the guidelines of a project manager within a school build project – what is expected from them?
  • Discussing the differences between a private school project and public-school project – how do the outcomes differ? Where does the funding come from? What are the differences in the project contract?
  • 5YA projects- what do the project manager and school need to consider when executing this efficiently?
Liz deKort, Project Director, Rubix
Panel: Collaborating to design and deliver outstanding 21C learning environments
  • Looking at options to have principals and architects collaborate on rebuild or refurb projects – what are some effective ways of achieving this?
  • Tips and tricks on adding influence on a project from all stakeholders involved
  • Sharing the challenges faced and solutions to overcome those in such build projects
Alicia Whata, Principal, Grey Lynn School
Brett Heaven, Director, Rubix
Raj Bhikha, Property Chairperson, Mt Albert Grammar School; Board Chair & Mt Roskill Primary School
Table talks: Discussing elements that are important for schools to consider when commencing a school build or refurb project
Afternoon break
Case study: Showcasing a modern approach to a school | Haeata Community Campus

Haeata Community Campus is a state-owned school that has been in operation for 3-years. This session will explore the synergistic impact of modern building design, campus design and learning design on raising student achievement.
Haeata Community Campus’ design principles offer a framework to approach ako/learning and teaching in a radically new way. That is not without its risks. Since its inception Haeata’s primary goal has been to embrace a long-term, ‘whole of campus’ approach which acknowledges the kura’s history, culture, and vision. The Campus learning spaces were designed to enhance ākonga engagement, increase diversity of learning experiences, enhance social connectivity, improve emotional resilience and attendance, positively influence pedagogy and ako/teaching and learning programs, and increase desirability and enrolments.
This presentation seeks to interrogate the efficacy of the systems and structures established in the first three years of operation by testing specific indicators, and in doing so provide assurance that the kura is meeting its strategic goals.

Questions to challenge our thinking:

  • How do teachers manage space and time to enhance the learning experiences of students in a modern learning environment?
  • What aspects of learning design enhance and challenge students’ experiences and achievement?
  • When do we make the call – is this working?
Peggy Burrows, Principal, Haeata Community Campus
Closing keynote: The 8-year journey from a demolished school to a functioning in a new modern building | Avonside Girls High School

Avonside Girls High School was severely damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and as a result, their school building was demolished. It has taken 8-years for the school to be fully functional again. This session will dive into the hurdles that Avonside Girls High School faced.

Sue Hume, Principal, Avonside Girls' High School
Closing remarks from the Chair
  • 28 Jul 2020
  • Online

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