Back Office Transformation

Optimising back-office tasks to create efficiencies for organisations

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Opening remarks from the Chair
James Dickinson, Chief Information Officer, BDO New Zealand
Driving Back Office transformation
International Keynote: Real applications for Robotic Process Automation at Telstra Australia
  • Analysing the rise of robotic process automation and exploring its current application at Telstra
  • What are the current limitations for RPA technology and its implementation?
  • What is the potential impact for organisations as RPA technology develops, including how this may affect jobs and the workforce?
Paul Henry, Tribe Lead - Robotics , Telstra
Back Office Transformation - in theory and practice
  • Gaining clarity on the lowest hanging fruit ripe for transformation
  • Exploring a practical insight into what is really possible through automation
  • What is the real potential for business process streamlining through robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML)?
James Dickinson, Chief Information Officer, BDO New Zealand
Siva Juturi, Vice President - Americas, AutomationEdge
Morning break
Identifying opportunities to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • How to recognise potential applications for AI and machine learning and where to start?
  • Analysing a sound approach to initiating an AI project: Strategy, research, ROI, disruption and integration
  • Risk management: How to optimise available technologies while considering the future potential for AI
Dr Paulo Gottgtroy, Chief Data Scientist, Inland Revenue New Zealand
Operational efficiency through integration and automation
  • Analysing ways that automation can be successfully integrated alongside legacy systems
  • How to manage a staged, incremental approach to business process automation
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of re-platforming
Craig Bennett, Chief Technology Advisor, Flow Software
Lunch break
Practical applications for transformation
Case study - Accounting: What’s on the radar for the accounting function?
  • What are the real business benefits we are seeing and can expect, initiated by the latest technological advances and impacting the accounting function, payroll, tax and auditing functions?
  • How can businesses best prepare for the transformation?
  • Analysing the role of the future accountant, auditor and bookkeeper
Anton Gargiulo, Northern Sales Manager, MYOB NZ Ltd
The power of APIs and their role in transforming the back office
Swithin Foote, Lead Integration Architect, Middleware
Case study - Banking: Competitive advantage through back office transformation at Westpac Bank
  • How RPA is driving a race to competitive advantage by transforming the back office in the banking sector
  • Understanding approaches to transformation while working with legacy systems
  • Mitigating data sovereignty risk associated with software as a service
Carol D'Silva, Senior Manager, Process Centre of Excellence, Westpac
Afternoon break
Case study: A digital strategy from back office to the front office through RPA
  •  Assessing the digital strategy for change driven by the need to optimise the customer experience and its link to back-office tasks

  • How we are leveraging RPA technologies

  • Exploring the link between the customer experience and strategic back office optimisation

Kallol Dutta, GM Delivery & Automation, Spark
Investigating blockchain’s potential for business process elimination

Blockchain is poised to sectors, revolutionise and disrupt many industries and sectors but many leaders are blind to the opportunities which may arise from blockchain. This session will open your eyes to the potential for blockchain in the back office.

Mark Pascall, Co-Founder, Blockchain Labs NZ
Summary remarks from the Chair & networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Case study - Council: A back office transformation at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

In this case study, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council reports on the workflow automation journey since implementing Nintex four years ago.

  • Insights into the software selection process
  • Analysing the business benefits since implementation and do they align with the original strategy?
  • How to prioritise functions for automation based on simple ROI
  • Maintaining a two-way vendor relationship to enable further transformation
Case study: Efficiency achieved through architecting information automation

In this session we hear several business process improvements which have significantly improved process efficiency at Bartercard.

  • What was the driver for seeking change to internal processes at Bartercard?
  • How Bartercard digitised paper-based workflows to save time and money
  • What other back office improvement initiatives have been put in place, or are on the horizon?


Jared Burgess, Chief Information Officer, Bartercard
Morning break
Case study: Preparing for successful RPA deliveries in New Zealand
  • Current New Zealand market adoption
  • Marketing messages and global benefit claims
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Determinants of successful RPA programmes
  • Ensuring benefit realisation and effective measurement
Sam Osborne, Head of Sales and Marketing, Quanton
Panel: Beyond the hype: Examining the real potential for Artificial Intelligence in back office transformation
  • What are the practical opportunities for AI, cognitive computing and machine learning in creating efficiencies and optimising back office processes and functions?
  • Examining the case for ‘augmented intelligence’ over ‘artificial intelligence’
  • Identifying misconceptions of what AI will do for the business back office
Claudia Vidal, Independent Director, Skills4Work Inc
Tim Chaffe, Chief Digital Architect, University of Auckland
Facilitating a change process
Implementing transformation through process re-design and improvement

Re-imagining business processes is a prerequisite for any transformation and it begins with effective mapping of current processes to enable re-design. In this session we gain an overview of a practical, yet simple and powerful process re-design framework along with a recent New Zealand case study to illustrate its success.


Lesley Whyte, The Back-Office Specialist, Independent Consultant
Lunch break
Case study: Supply Chain: Optimising processes using automation
  • Making a case for automation
  • Selecting a vendor; How to drill down on service; what will we be getting in terms of service delivery’?
  • An overview of the implementation stages
  • Analysing results and measuring impacts of the investment
Neil Illsley , IT Strategy & Services Manager , Villa Maria Estate
An inside job: Supporting organisational change through cultural and behavioural transformation
  • Understanding reticence to change and the barrier this presents to adopting latest technologies and hindering digital transformation
  • How an agile culture aligns with continuous business improvement for the back office
  • How can employees be prepared and supported to re-skill and adapt to new roles in the organisation?
Elizabeth Howells, Business Pyschologist, PeopleCentric
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference

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