B2B Marketing Summit

Implementing cutting edge B2B marketing tactics and technologies to remain competitive in the new work environment

21 Oct 2020Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland
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Coffee and Registration
Welcome from the Chair
Julia Jack, Chief Marketing Officer, Mercury
INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Applying a CEO mindset into marketing roles
  • Driving growth and influencing business change strategies after large disruptions to the workforce, customers and industries 
  • Building culture and breaking down silos – the role of a functional leader in today’s modern business   
  • Aligning marketing strategies with wider organisational goals
Susan Patullo, Go To Market Leader – Solutions, EY Oceania
B2B marketing after a global pandemic- what’s changed and where to go from here
  • Analysing the effect of a global pandemic on B2B marketing moving forward and what can be done to elevate your organisation among the uncertainty? 

  • Working with restricted resources and creative solutions to reimagining B2B campaigns  

  • Balancing short-term and long-term strategies to ensure maximum business growth 

  • Utilising collaboration, adaptability and innovation to move forward confidently in a recovery focused market 

Carl Sarney, Head of Strategy, The Research Agency
Sam Irvine, Managing Director, Badger Communications
Morning Break
Setting the strategy – combining commercial acumen and insights with marketing nous   
  • Using insights to understand your customer and reframe the solution to a business problem ensuring buy in from stakeholders 
  • Trading strategies vs brand awareness – why both need to work hand in hand for a holistic approach    
  • Creative marketing tactics to help execute both marketing and business strategy    
Wendy Ballard, Head of Marketing, Warehouse Stationery
Building great brands – using creativity, metrics and data to bust through barriers after a pandemic 
  • How to build your brand effectively with limited time and resources    

  • Defining what customers are looking for in your brand using data and metrics  

  • Brand management and ownership – should you have a commercial “voice” in this environment? 

Charlotte Phillips , Senior Marketing Manager - Business Marketing, ANZ
Lunch Break
Maximising business value with your channel partners
  • Communicating the value of your organisation as well as your products through the entire channel   

  • Working with different types of channel partners and maximising your effectiveness  

  • Supporting channel partners during periods of uncertainty – how can you work together to create robust pipelines for business value 

  • Communicating with and for channel partners and what you need to keep in mind   

Michael Friedberg, Chief of Growth, MEGA The Privacy Company
Account Based Marketing –rebuilding your sales pipeline and keeping your customers engaged 
  • Customising approaches for your best clients and accounts - treating individual accounts as a market in their own right   
  • Tools and tactics to generate leads and re-establish a solid pipeline after COVID-19 
  • Aligning your sales and marketing processes - fundamentals to consider when building relationships and ensuring the best uses of employee's times 
  • How you can use client insights to identify cross-selling opportunities and maximise engagement  
Briana Millar , Customer Experience Manager , Tonkin + Taylor
Table Talks: Balancing stability and innovation- what are customers looking for and how can you provide it?
Afternoon Break
How to make social media marketing work for B2B organisations – getting a real ROI from online platforms 
  • Why social media will be key in moving forward in B2B marketing  
  • Clarifying your objectives - what will being on Facebook do for you?  
  • Content planning - how to produce content that your audience actually wants to see!  
  • Social media advertising - sing the 'dark arts' to reach your target market 
Jon Randles , Sales & Account Director, Mosh
Why CX, EX and marketing are crucial for organisational success in the new world
  • The importance of managing the employee experience – building a culture of customer centricity  

  • Key features of the workforce structure, methodology and processes that help employees provide and deliver successful customer experience  

  • Why EX is crucial for B2B marketing in the post-COVID 19 environment and how to successfully incorporate EX into CX strategy  

Michael McGlynn, Head of Marketing and Communications, Tonkin + Taylor
Unlocking the power of data through intentional storytelling
  • Why data storytelling is now an essential skill in B2B marketing
  • How to think of data as currency in a post Covid-19 world
  • Finding the hidden gold in your data and turning it into engaging stories
  • The hidden architecture of great stories and how to use it effectively
  • The importance of data visualisation in a visual learning world
Steve Ballantyne, Director, Story IQ
End of Conference and Networking Drinks
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