Automation for Business

Deploying intelligent automation to streamline processes, increase productivity and improve the bottom line

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Opening remarks from the Chair
Scott Levens, Continuous Improvement Manager - Financial Transformation, Auckland Council
Reviewing the impact of AI-powered technology that will reshape the business landscape in the next few years
  • Adapting to the future digital ecosystem
  • Determining if intelligent automation is right for your business operations
  • Assessing the skills and scale that business leaders need to ensure automation delivers value
  • Utilising automation to identify value creation opportunities
Adam Taylor, General Manager, Automation Advisory Services, Quanton
Automating, orchestrating and optimising operations with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
  • What options are there for “Automation as a Service”?
  • Assessing the role of RPA and its strengths / weaknesses
  • Exploring other technologies to leverage beyond RPA to fully automate and optimise business processes
Chris Buxton, Chief Digital Officer, Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa
Morning Break
Case study: Auckland DHB's first stages of the automation lifecycle - from validating the opportunity to running a successful procurement process
  • Benefits of running a pilot and pitfalls to avoid
  • Informing your procurement strategy from a pilot point of view
  • Selecting a platform that matches your vision and needs
Federico Herrera, Head of Product and Digital Enablement, Auckland District Health Board
The effect of tighter European GDPR on automation process
  • GDPR is all about data – How much will automated business processes be affected as part of GDPR compliance initiative?
  • What are the additional impacts of tighter GDPR on the existing data protection?
  • What constitutes “automated decision making’ under the GDPR?
Kristin Wilson, Senior Associate, Bell Gully
Human implications of Intelligent Automation (IA) - the end of "autonomous self"?
  • With IA and AI, are we simply outsourcing human decision making?
  • Does the technology now exist to ‘hack’ humans?
  • What importance does this place on responsible and ethical AI?
  • How might we adjust in a ‘post-decision’ and ‘post-work’ future?
Mini Prasad, Director, PwC
Lunch break
The agile accountant: Funding and investment governance in a brave new world
  • Funding innovative corporate finance system based on delivering impact and outcomes, not building things!
  • Striving for greater digital empowerment which leads to better governance
  • All parties benefit with greater transparency and accountability
  • Linking strategy to execution via objectives and key results (OKR)
Mike Asbridge, Transformation Director, Westpac
Deploying digital assistants to deliver novel, hyper-personalised and emotionally engaging customer experience
  • Exploring how technology improves your CX journey
  • Digitally transform the conventional customer experience processes to build unique competitive advantages
  • Harnessing the power of digital humans and chatbots combined
Benjamin Roe, Head of Product, JRNY
Nick Niblett, Director of Product Marketing, FaceMe
Machine augmenting smart humans for cyber resilience
  • From the front lines – insights from real cyber incidents and real harm
  • Can we make humans smarter?
  • Harnessing machines to do what they can do better
  • Getting the best from humans+machines to be secure, vigilant and resilient
Anu Nayar, Partner, National Leader, Cyber Privacy and Resilience, Deloitte
Afternoon break
Examining the opportunities and feasibility of RPA and cognitive hybrid models
  • Discussing ways to scale up IA program to utilise RPA and cognitive technologies in conjunction with each other and obtain maximum benefit by doing so
  • Examining infrastructure requirements and identifying tasks that are best suited for a hybrid IA program
  • Obtaining powerful business insights that can be derived from real-time analytics with a RPA/cognitive hybrid
Willem van der Steen, Head of Digital & IT, Perpetual Guardian
Extending the reach of automation with 'AI' and Machine Learning
  • Combining smart technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning with RPA and moving towards Cognitive Automation
  • Extending the breadth and depth of automation with the stairway to value and scaling an RPA programme
  • Driving digital transformation to improve organisational agility and improved customer experience
Mark Broome, New Zealand Country Manager, ABBYY
Structuring effective change management in the digital age
  • What kinds of skill sets need to be built in order to support automation?
  • Developing effective change management initiatives that are in line with your business goals
  • Overcoming the resistance to change and mitigating the risks involved
Anthony Gouder, Business Transformation Team Lead, Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Kaylie Hammond, Business Analyst UX and Change Management, Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Summary remarks from the Chair

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