An Audience with EA Excellence

Secrets of PA Powerhouses

Event Details

At this unique and unrivalled event, you will engage with and hear first-hand from the rock stars of the EA and PA world. Enhance your career and gain the inspiration to assist you back in the office and with your team.  

This is your opportunity to ask the burning questions on how our world-class speakers handled their demanding jobs and relished the opportunities of working with the biggest names in sports, entertainment, business and politics.  

In this superstar line-up of presentations, stand courtside as you hear Grant Firestone share his adventure of working alongside tennis powerhouse Serena Williams, be in Branson’s inner circle with Samantha Cox’s insights on her personal experience working with the Virgin Group founder, and hear from Brian Mosteller, the man who sat 10 feet from the Oval Office during Obama’s presidency.  

Not only that, our health and wellbeing guru Claire Turnbull will give you practical advice and tools to ensure you are at peak performance through nutrition, wellness and balance.


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