The Associations & NFP Summit

The most important event in NZ for membership, representative and NFP sector organisations


Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Lesley Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA)
Opening Keynote: Global outlook for professional and membership associations
  • Are people coming to or withdrawing from membership organisations?
  • What value do they seek?
  • Advocacy, representation and other member values
  • Is the role and place of member organisations changing?
  • Competition amongst member organisations
  • Growth strategies, alliances (local and international) and other ways to drive up the value
Natalye Paquin, President & CEO, Points of Light (USA), Points of Light is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to volunteer service. Natalye has served on several non-profit boards in the arts and education, and is past board chair of the Philadelphia Award Foundation.
NZTech story: The Association of the Future - co-operation, co-opetition and the strength of many inside the tent

Under Graeme’s vision and energies, NZTech has operated an active outreach programme over the past 3 years which has reinvigorated tech industries’ representation. This has led to the creation of an alliance of 22 tech associations across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including AgriTech NZ, BioTech NZ, AI Forum NZ, EdTech NZ, FinTech NZ, Digital Identity NZ, Blockchain NZ achieving a powerful, connected representative voice to industry and government.

  • A new vision for professional and representative bodies
  • The power of alliances and inclusion
  • Strengthen your association by strengthening others
  • The power of the collective; the space for the individual: From “Association” to “Alliance”
  • The power of letting go of control
  • An association maturity model – designing appropriate services
  • A new vision for how to run your association
  • Creating platforms of value from which your membership can jump
Graeme Muller, Chief Executive Officer, NZTech
Morning break
Building bridges in a digital environment
  • How to create public-private communities and partnerships?
  • What does it take to build a 34 year existing Dutch ICT and Telecom Community/Association?
  • Why are people the embodiment of communities?
  • How to organise member benefits by the delivery of services?
Petra Claessen, Chief Executive Officer, BTG & TGG (Netherlands)
Mergers and consolidations - a good idea?
  • The case for and against
  • Practicalities of making these happen
  • Pitfalls to watch out for
  • Observations and lessons from some New Zealand examples
Craig Fisher, Consultant, RSM New Zealand & Board Chair, Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand
Board of Directors' panel: Governance and directorship best practice
  • The power of strong, connected and forward-looking boards
  • Strengthening the connection between board and the executive team
  • Can board/management disfunction be fixed without personnel changes?
  • Diversity on the board for best outcomes
  • The challenge of keeping governance and management issues separate in smaller organisations
Katie Milne, National President, Federated Farmers New Zealand
Mark Conelly, Chair, Ronald McDonald House Charities
Craig Fisher, Consultant, RSM New Zealand & Board Chair, Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand
Chief Executives' panel: Strong, purposeful leadership drives success and sustainable futures
  • Associations, member organisations and NFPs require perhaps even greater leadership qualities at the helm than other organisations
  • The connection between clarity of purpose and great leadership
  • Diversity of thinking and experience
  • A leader knows their goal, task – the beginning and the end – succession planning (ensuring the Association isn’t the end-of-career option)
Kirsten (KP) Patterson, Chief Executive, The Institute of Directors
Aisha Daji Punga, Chief Executive, Starship Foundation
Helen Morgan-Banda, Executive Director, New Zealand Law Society
Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive Officer, The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand
Terry Copeland, Chief Executive Officer, Federated Farmers NZ
Lunch break
Reforming Incorporated Societies - the new statute and what societies need to do about it
  • Replacement of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 - the reform process to date
  • Key things incorporated societies will need to know
    • Obligations relating to a "contact officer"
    • Maintaining conflicts of interest registers
    • Statutory duties imposed on officers
    • Statutory obligations about dealing with grievances and complaints
    • Society members' rights to access society information
    • The period of transitioning to comply with the new Act
  • Key things incorporated societies will need to do:
    • Review and revise their constitutions
    • Consider what needs to be done within the transitional period
    • Establishing systems and records to ensure compliance with the new statutory requirements
Mark von Dadelszen, Consultant, Bannister & von Dadelszen
Financial reporting updates - new statutory reporting requirements for incorporate societies
  • Changes introduced requiring certain incorporated societies to prepare annual financial statements in accordance with standards issued by the XRB
  • Initial reflections on the changes and application
  • Practical insights to consider during the transition period
Anthony Heffernan, Director of Accounting Standards, External Reporting Board
Exploring best practice fundraising strategies, long term and sustainable revenue generation

Keeping a sustainable and dependable income stream is often top-of-mind in leaders in the Association and NFP sector. This session explores where all the pots of gold are hidden, the importance of keeping many plates spinning and how to transition to a sustainable revenue model mix.

  • Reviewing your income options
  • How much effort to put into each income stream and how to calculate effective ROIs
  • Trusts and grants, major gifts, bequests, corporate sponsorship and regular giving
  • How to achieve the goal of a sustainable revenues mix and engage your Board
Sarah Barrer, Director, Barrer & Co
Afternoon break
The power of membership

Kirk Hope looks at strategies for attracting, empowering and retaining members in a successful membership organisation.

Kirk Hope, Chief Executive, BusinessNZ
Sponsorship and fundraising - authentic, aligned and multi-faceted
  • Setting out your objectives in the partnerships and sponsorships you offer so that you may align with those of your targets
  • Ensuring you are thinking about your offerings as having depth, from single engagement/single purpose to multi-year partnerships
  • The authenticity of a clear and cohesive partnership
  • The importance of offering strong, clear and authentic sponsorship activations that align with your sponsors’ goals
  • Setting up your partnership contracts to ensure they cover all eventualities & protect both parties
  • Ensuring you are always thinking about retention and stewardship of sponsors/funders
  • As always, it’s about the people…
Mildie Meyer-Els, Owner and Sponsorship Consultant, M.E & You Consulting
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Lesley Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA)
Member value and experience - a glimpse into world class

True value can only be delivered if the organisation understands what its members, funders and constituents want and value; a deeply ingrained sense of purpose, that is completely aligned with members. Through this, the organisation is best placed to deliver services that are highly valued and experiences that members seek out.

Frits Bussemaker, Business Community Builder & D1G1T4L CONN3CTOR (Netherlands)
Panel discussion: Successfully securing international chapter events with your global association counterparties
  • Identifying the opportunities
  • Meeting of minds: establishing the necessary relationships with the International Partner Association upon which to build the event
  • Drawing in the expertise and assistance available within local Economic Development Agencies to work on the pitch and securing the event
  • Legal and financial structures to consider
  • Logistics challenges that will ensure success
  • How to effectively market the event to members across the globe
  • The importance of marketing yourself as a destination
Anna Hayward, Head of Auckland Convention Bureau, Auckland Convention Bureau
Mark Conelly, Chair, Ronald McDonald House Charities
Frits Bussemaker, Business Community Builder & D1G1T4L CONN3CTOR (Netherlands)
Morning break
Examining your crucial role in advocacy on behalf of our members' interests
  • Measuring the power and influence associations and other bodies can wield
  • Advocacy may be within sectors, across wider business or public opinion or towards government
  • Successfully representing your members to government
    • Crafting and presenting submissions to formal law or regulation changes
    • Other ways policy can be moved in directions you wish
  • Surveying the field to ascertain whether you hold a singular point of view or whether there is opportunity to “team-up” for strength of message
Greg Harford, Chief Executive Officer, Retail NZ
Managing agency relationships - a view from both sides
  • How to work effectively with a PR agency, and get the best out of them
  • What PR firms expect from their Association and NFP partners
  • Case studies and examples of best practice
  • Key considerations for all partners (agencies, clients and the media)
Kelly Bennett, Managing Director, One Plus One Communications
Managing volunteers - recruitment, retention, recognition and keeping a vibrant base

Volunteers are at the heart of many not-for-profit organisations and have an essential role in achieving organisational outcomes. The volunteering landscape is continuing to evolve requiring many organisations to review their volunteering practices. This session will provide advice, guidance and learnings to help you reflect on the changing environment you operate in. It will cover:

• How to identify your potential volunteer base

• How strong, clear and encouraging leadership from you and your team is vital to energising your volunteer base

• The essential role of volunteer recognition

• How to support volunteer wellbeing

• The importance of volunteer retention strategies

Susan Coleman, Chief Executive, GirlGuiding New Zealand
Member education and events: Delivering true value

Education and events are seen as critical benefits to help members stay informed about their profession, connect with their peers and enable continuous learning.  It’s essential that programmes are relevant and deliver true value in return for the members’ investment of time and money. A well thought through education and events strategy can have a positive return on member engagement and retention as well as financial benefits as a sustainable revenue stream.

  • How do you seek to understand your members’ needs in order to ensure your offering is compelling?
  • Is it reasonable to charge or should this form part of a member’s fees?
  • What are the options for design and delivery, particularly if you’ve got limited resource or competing priorities?
Brett Williams, General Manager - Professional Standards, Engineering New Zealand
Lunch break
Case study: Safely shepherding your association through a crisis

In 2017/8 law firms were hit with a tsunami of bad press, allegations and criminal actions centered on allegations of discrimination, unsafe workplaces and, even, sexual assault. How was the NZ Law Society called up to respond?

  • Proceeding with caution, seeking advice
  • The importance of urgency, clarity, transparency and action
  • Lessons learned
Kathryn Beck, Partner, SBM Legal
Navigating a crisis - smooth sailing doesn't make a skilled sailor
  • Ready or not? Even if you think you’re ready, you probably will feel like you’re not
  • Having a plan – quick thinking under pressure
  • The importance of good advice, speed and action driven messages
  • How to communicate so people listen
  • Watch and learn – adapting to the new media landscape
Jo Malcolm, Media and Crisis Consultant, Jo Malcolm Media
Marketing, membership and communications
  • Digital platforms – acquisition, engagement & fundraising – getting a robust tech platform that allows you to reach out and engage
  • How often should you be engaging with members/donors?
  • Do you have different “levels” within the database, requiring discrete communications plans?
  • Organic reach and making the most of your communities
  • The power of Ambassadors – the few that do the work of the many
Sharon Henderson, Board Director, Variety NZ - The Children's Charity
Afternoon break
Social media and base engagement
  • Building trust and engagement amongst online communities
  • Defining your purpose - where does social media fit within your overarching strategy and what are you trying to achieve?
  • Developing an effective campaign – deciding the who, why and where of social media engagement
  • The dark side of social – confidently managing negativity on social media
Tory Whanau, Chief of Staff, Office of Hon James Shaw & Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson
Secrets of the lobbyists

Member and representative organisations are often called upon to present, influence and shift both public opinion and government policy.  How, when and with whom you do this requires expertise, a deft touch and concerted effort. Gain insight into the best strategies from NZ’s pre-eminent government relations and lobbying consultancy.

  • The do’s and don’ts of lobbying
  • The importance to you of direct advocacy and government relations
  • Knowing who you are working with
  • Defining the public policy or public opinion over which you wish to exert influence
  • Winning in the court of public opinion
  • Building effective relationships
  • A couple of lobbying case studies
Mark Unsworth, Founder, Saunders Unsworth
Closing highlight: A Q&A session on lobbying
  • What works and what doesn’t from a lobbyist and a senior Beehive staffer who interacts with lobbyists
Tory Whanau, Chief of Staff, Office of Hon James Shaw & Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson
Mark Unsworth, Founder, Saunders Unsworth
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