Intelligent Towns, Networks & Assets

Future proofing networks, data insights and assets management strategies

25 - 26 Jun 2018Grand Millennium, Auckland , Auckland

This inaugural conference brings together network managers and all those involved in asset management to collaborate and share insights on big data optimisation across all areas of infrastructure.

This conference is focused on improving the interconnection between smart technologies, to improve infrastructure capability and to provide greater transparency around asset management, asset lifecycle and costs.

It looks at the interrelationship and application of smart cities, intelligent networks and the implications for infrastructure assets 

This also helps predict what networks will need maintenance and development based on the pressure from users. The same principle can be applied to transport, wastewater and is being used widely in utilities and infrastructure.

 Who should attend? 
Asset managers, network managers, infrastructure engineers and those involved in data, strategy and planning for networks and infrastructure in the following industries:

  • Energy (electricity, gas and mining)
  • Water and Waste
  • Transport (road, rail, air and port)
  • Telecommunications


  1. Discover innovative technologies influencing data collection and use in infrastructure
  2. Hear from cross-industry leaders and experts speaking on big data hot topics
  3. Gain insights in to data optimisation tactics for strategic decision-making for asset and network management


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