Asset Data & Insights Conference

Optimising data to manage, maintain and future proof New Zealand’s infrastructure

Strategic asset management relies on collecting quality & reliable data via the latest technologies and using it optimally to maintain and plan for future infrastructure. This inaugural conference brings together network managers and all those involved in asset management to collaborate and share insights on big data optimisation across all areas of infrastructure.

This conference will feature case studies and insights from experts on asset data strategy and the best use of existing and emerging technologies for optimal asset management.

Who should attend? 
Asset managers, network managers, infrastructure engineers and those involved in data, strategy and planning for networks and infrastructure in the following industries:

  • Energy (electricity, gas and mining)
  • Water and Waste
  • Transport (road, rail, air and port)
  • Telecommunications

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Dr Peter Prevos, Manager Data Science, Coliban Water, Australia
How Virtual Tags have transformed SCADA data anlaysis in the water industry


  1. Discover innovative technologies influencing data collection and use in infrastructure
  2. Hear from cross-industry leaders and experts speaking on big data hot topics
  3. Gain insights in to data optimisation tactics for strategic decision-making for asset and network management


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