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separately bookable workshop
Power BI: Analysing and visualising data 101
9.00am - 4.30pm

How Big data can help your business. Self-service business intelligence. Data visualisation for easy snapshots. Real-time analytics. 

So much data and so many buzz words, but what does it all mean? As data gets easier to come by, we find ourselves with more data than we know what to do with and need to analyse it quickly and effectively. We don’t have time to wait for the data scientists to come back with a robust report, we need answers now.

This workshop will introduce you to Microsoft’s Power BI tool for analysing and visualising data, bringing business intelligence capabilities into your hands. In this hands on workshop, you will explore the capabilities of Power BI and discover how it can help your company get real insights and valuable information from your data.

This is a highly hands-on session and each delegate is required to bring along your own laptop to the workshop.

How Big Data Can Help Your Business

  • Import data from a variety of sources
  • Detect relationships between tables within our data
  • Ask questions about your data – and get an answer instantly

Self-service BI

  • Discover, combine and shape data from multiple data sources
  • Clean up source data
  • Perform basic calculations to gather additional insight from your data

Data visualisation for Easy Snapshots

  • See your data in new ways with bold interactive visualisations with Power BI
  • Filter your data to focus on exactly what you want
  • Map data to analyse relationships

Real-time analytics

  • View and share your data from any device
  • Drill-down into the information that matters to you
  • Refresh your data to ensure the latest information is displayed

This is a highly hands-on session and each delegate is required to bring along your own laptop to the workshop.

Allison Kennedy


Ace Training

Allison Kennedy is a Microsoft Excel Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer. Her love of numbers and desire to solve problems led her to obtain a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, she has acquired over 10 years of experience in adult education, infecting everyone she meets with her passion for learning and innovation. Join her for the Power BI Update to catch up to speed on some of the new tools and tricks to make data analysis and problem solving even easier.

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