The Agile and Adept Management Accountant

Automating, improving and innovating the finance function and reporting

13 - 14 Feb 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland
Event Details

This Agile and Adept Management Accountant conference will bring together management accountants and financial professionals to discuss the latest strategy and technology development to drive strong business performance.  The management accounting landscape has evolved significantly over the years from the ‘bean counting’ stereotype to a dynamic yet crucial business unit. With developments in practice relating to technology, sustainability, data analytics and etc., the role of management accountant is widening and the tools they use are also changing.   

This conference focuses on automating, improving and innovating the finance function and reporting process to help Management Accountants develop the right skill set to keep pace with the changes.  It is specifically designed for management accountants to stimulate fresh thinking whilst providing practical guidance and act as a hub for discussion and network.

Top 4 reasons to attend this conference:

  1. Mastering the techniques to stay relevant in the face of changing technologies and increased automation
  2. Be inspired by fresh case studies from industry leaders on how they have successfully transformed their accounting functions
  3. Opportunity to network and to exchange ideas with industry experts and peers
  4. Log up to 12 CPD hours on the conference plus 6 CPD hours on the workshop

Featuring insights into:

  1. The big picture of management accounting landscape
  2. Finance innovation in a complex IT landscape
  3. The non-financial side of management accounting
  4. Agile financing function
  5. Integrated reporting, budgeting and forecasting
  6. From risk to resilience

Save the date for The Agile Management Accountant on 13 & 14 February 2019 as this is going to be one of our most exciting conferences to date, with sessions covering the latest hot topics in the market and practitioners case studies from various industries. 







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