Advance Cyber Security Summit

Advancing cyber security through leadership, innovation and strategic partnerships

separately bookable workshop
Building the correct security framework
26 October 2017 | 9.00 - 4.30

This is an opportunity to develop your learnings from the conference and apply this knowledge in a hands-on interactive space. 

• Identifying, containing and eradicating threats: working with a range of strategies to identify threats and weaknesses within networks

• Delivering training and development to staff in order to enable stronger, safer networks

• Deciding what’s in your toolbox – what preventative and responsive strategies will work for you

• Scenario planning and testing - applying concepts to develop a deepened understanding

• Developing proactive approaches to continuously monitor evolving security threats

• What is the next frontier of cyber security? 

David Kennedy

Group Chief Information Officer

Transaction Services Group

David acts as CIO for 6 companies under the Transaction Services Group banner. His role is to grow the business through the simplification of the internal processes and creation of new service lines. He is also a specialist in growing technology companies and creating high performing teams. David likes to bring completely new ways of thinking to his teams and is very hot on empowerment and helping everyone succeed.


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