7th Annual EA/PA in the Public-Sector

Improving productivity and progressing your career as an EA/PA

Event Details
  • Inspirational keynotes
  • EA speakers
  • Workshops

The 7th annual EA/PA in the Public-Sector conference focused on issues revolving around the public-sector organisations in New Zealand. It put forward insights into how technology is shaping the future of the New Zealand Government and shed light on how EAs/PAs can utilise technology to deliver more in their day-to-day job. The conference featured inspirational leaders in New Zealand’s public-sector who will empower you to take charge and inspire you to steer your career into leadership roles.

Teresa Tepania-Ashton’s keynote session was inspirational and left the delegates ready to take charge and further their career.

The conference was chaired by Dianner Parker, a veteran speaker at the conference, but chaired for the first time.  

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