4th Annual HR Analytics Conference

Showcasing how HR analytics can drive transformation and optimisation in your organisation

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Registration & coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Melissa Russek, Senior Manager - People Advisory Services, EY
Opening Keynote: Driving your company strategy with HR analytics

Analytics is supposedly the “way of the future” and moving at a rapid pace transforming the HR profession. To open the conference Jarrod Haar will discuss taking the lessons learned from HR data and applying them to company strategy.

  • Understanding the needs of your organisation and how data can serve you
  • Looking at the transformation of the HR role in the digital age
  • Discussing effective uses of HR data to enhance company strategy
Jarrod Haar, Professor Human Resource Management, AUT
Power your HR analytics with robust data management
  • What is the impact of lost HR data?
  • How do you engage staff, increase completions and build your data pool?
  • Does an integrated HR system really make a difference?
Kenny Addison, Business Development Manager, Elmo Talent Management Software
Morning break & refreshments
Lightning talks: The use of HR analytics in large organisations

This session features large scale users of HR analytics and how they are using the technology available to them to make the best use of their data. Hear about the opportunities for large scale analytics now, and possibilities for next 10 years.

Sundae Lim, People & Performance Systems Manager, Fletcher Building Ltd
More speakers to be confirmed
Lightning talks: Overcoming limitations to HR analytics in your organisation
  • Discussing how to overcome limitations to implementation of analytics
  • Beginning your HR analytics journey
  • Examining how each company’s analytics strategy works for them
Hamish MacKenzie, L&D/HR Analyst, Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Kelly Bennion, Kenexa Business Leader, IBM New Zealand
Case study: Predicting diversity

Hear from the New Zealand Police about how they use analytics to shape their work force for the future.

  • Using analytics to predict the diversity of new recruits to the New Zealand Police
  • Implementing a Diversity Dashboard to monitor progress towards organisational goals
  • Understanding the impact analytics can have toward making decisions to affect the desired diversity of the New Zealand Police workforce in the future
Kim Senior, Strategic Workforce Planning Advisor, New Zealand Police
Lunch break
Getting value from your HR data - how moving to value-added analytics can help you understand the metrics that matter

Chris Boggs and Craig Renshaw from Deloitte will speak around how you can unlock hidden insights from your data and access the metrics that matter.

  • Understanding the good, the bad and the ugly around how organisations are doing HR analytics today
  • Exploring what you can do to move up the maturity curve and what the benefits are at each stage of your journey
  • Understanding the metrics that matter and how improved analytics can help you access these metrics
Chris Boggs, Associate Director - Human Capital, Deloitte
Craig Renshaw, Management Consultant, Deloitte
Building the plane as you fly it - Sharing our journey towards Predictive Analytics, working with data constraints
  • Getting on board with targeted analytics to build an appetite for data led strategic HR conversations  
  • Flight plan - building towards predictive analytics
  • Qualification of insights - the parachuteyou need 
  • Missing the runway - sharing our honest stories of pitfalls of this approach
Kavita Khanna, People Services Manager, Tonkin & Taylor
Rachel Stuart, Hub Manager, Tonkin & Taylor
Afternoon break & refreshments
Managing and measuring company culture change
  • Looking at culture metrics and how to measure them
  • Using HR data to measure the successes and risks associated with company change
  • Supporting culture change with HR analysis
Jane Ward, Director, Alwyn Consulting
Extended Quickfire: Emerging trends - How are you going to make a difference in your HR?
  • How do new software or solutions make business easier?
  • What are likely future trends in software or solutions for HR analytics?
  • What is the HR function going to look like in the future?
Mike Boneham, Technical Consultant, Strategic Pay
Chris Mar, Manager - Strategy & Compliance, Datacom Payroll
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Melissa Russek, Senior Manager - People Advisory Services, EY
The HR professional in the age of analytics

Analytics has brought vast new insights, and new challenges, including a new skill set required of employees. This session will examine the new roles and opportunities, and how managers can ensure that their team has the correct skill set.

  • Looking at how the industry has evolved past traditional HR roles
  • Understanding the demands on modern HR departments
  • Examining the responsibility of analytics, is it an HR or an IT role?
Nel Botha, Managing Director, Planpro Insight
Understanding concerns regarding the collection and storage of HR data
  • Understanding who is charged with protecting data collected about employees 
  • Looking the ethical collection and use of employee data
  • Explaining your legal obligations for HR data security and privacy
Marie Wisker, Senior Associate, Chapman Tripp
Morning break & refreshments
Data based remuneration and rewards
  • Making sure that your rewards framework is fair and transparent
  • Improving the alignment between pay and performance with HR data
  • Discussing practical examples of reward and remuneration analytics
Bonita McCarthy, Senior Manager, EY
Case study: Measuring the ROI on change and transformation projects
  • Developing a measurement and data collection plan
  • Measuring continuous improvement
  • Isolating the effects of a change program on your workforce
Jason Tuck, National Manager HR - Employments Relations, Countdown Supermarkets
Lunch break
Beyond HR: An outside perspective on analytics

People analysis is not limited to HR, and employees are often not the only indicator being measured. This session will look at how Westpac has used analytics on a large scale 
to examine who benefits from their services, and where their services can be improved.

  • Looking at the real world application of large scale analysis
  • Understanding how Westpac used their analytical data for tangible results
  • Analysing the information gathered and utilising the data
Susan Needham, Senior Manager Customer and CRM Analytics, Westpac
Explaining the unique demands of the public sector for HR professionals

Tara examines how the Wellington City Council uses their HR analysis for the best results.

  • Modelling to make the most of budget allocation, cost analysis and Councillor expectations
  • Providing statistical reporting information to support any recommendations
  • Contributing to annual reporting in line with Local Government Act
Tara Jamieson, Remuneration & Reporting Manager, Wellington City Council
Afternoon break & refreshments
Data driven talent attraction and recruitment
  • Using analytics to shape the talent pipeline
  • Analysing the recruitment process to find the most effective solution
  • Finding the right fit for your company using data
Amy Gregory, Recruitment Manager, PWC New Zealand
Jessica Ah Kuoi, People & Culture Advisor, PWC New Zealand
Selling your story - Creating change with HR data

Making sure that you’re armed with the knowledge and information to create meaningful change in your organisation after the conference Liz will explain how to make meaningful changes in your organisation with your data.

  • Communicating what your data means to those outside the field
  • Looking at what your data is telling you about your organisation
  • Implementing a successful change based on fact
Liz Tibbutt, Manager - Culture and Performance, NZME
Closing remarks from the Chair & end of conference
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