The 45th One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business

Enabling adaptability for the finance professional in the business environment


Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Simon Moor, Managing Partner, Rival Accounting
The One Stop Global and Local Economic Updates
Global Update: Rain or shine – Exploring Brexit and current geopolitical events’ implications for New Zealand businesses

Explore the effects that Brexit and other geopolitical shifts are having for businesses in New Zealand, including:

  • Outcomes so far due to Brexit and China-United States Trade War
  • Geopolitical events and international trade agreement upheavals challenging New Zealand businesses
  • What will the most probable effects be in the coming years and how can organisations prepare for them?
Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, New Zealand International Business Forum & Executive Director, New Zealand China Council
Local Update: Analysing the domestic trends shaping New Zealand’s economy

Join Tony as he discusses the latest and biggest movements on the economic and business landscapes in New Zealand.

  • Current and developing domestic risks that businesses need to be aware of
  • Upcoming business and financial policy announcements and changes and how these will affect the NZ economic climate
Tony Alexander, Economics Thought Leader
Morning Break
Making it easier to do business with smoother, secure invoicing–NZBN enabled e-Invoicing
  • The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is enabling e-Invoicing to help smooth business transactions and save businesses even more time and money, both locally and globally
  • A look at what the NZBN is, the planned roadmap and key dates for e-Invoicing, and how your business can take advantage of these new business opportunities
Beth Williams, NZBN Manager, Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
Brent Powell, Programme Manager - e-Invoicing, Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
Special Tax Update: An inspection of the outcomes of the Tax Working Group

A review of the findings and final recommendations of the Tax Working Group and how these will affect the balance and structure of the tax system over the next decade.

Vivian Cheng, Senior Associate, Chapman Tripp
The One Stop Tax Update: Recent and upcoming developments in taxation

An overview of the most recent and upcoming developments in taxation that apply to businesses, including:

  • GST developments including the upcoming implementation of online GST collection laws
  • Inland Revenue’s ongoing transformation and simplification of the taxation system
Robyn Walker, National Technical Director, Deloitte
Sarah Kennedy , Associate Director, Deloitte
Lunch Break
The One Stop Employment Law Update: Staying abreast of employment law legislation
  • An overview of legislative changes including:
    • Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2018
    • Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill
    • Privacy Bill
  • Recent developments in pay equity, equal pay and collective bargaining agreements
  • Upcoming changes to the leave entitlements including upcoming Paid Parental Leave changes
Sean O'Sullivan, Partner, Wotton + Kearney
The adaptive accountant – Transforming the way you work
  • Methods for building and nurturing successful agile accounting teams
  • Proactive agile innovation and its role in maximising business potential
  • Top tips for avoiding the most commonly encountered pitfalls
Hilary Combes, Owner, MathildaRock Consulting
Strategies for communicating financial information to non-financial professionals
  • How to collaborate and work effectively in teams with non-financial professionals
  • Reframing financial data in a manner that is easily accessible and understandable for non-financial professionals
  • Creating clearly defined financial models and reports to inform decision-making
Justin Martin, Advisory Associate, BDO New Zealand
Afternoon Break
Changing times, changing standards – Redefining workplace ethics and relations
  • How #metoo and recent cases of workplace impropriety are changing expectations of workplace ethics
  • Subtle methods of fostering office culture change and gaining buy-in from staff
  • Rebuilding office trust and redefining ethics standards when set expectations have been breached
Sandy Hall, Associate, Humankind
An interview with the CFO – Embedding sustainability into long-term forecasts
  • How technology will and already is changing the finance and accounting scene
  • Extended external reports and the role they play in sustainability planning decisions
  • Biggest business challenges and how the role has changed
  • Assisting with growth achievement through supporting board decisions
  • What sets do CFOs value how can you upskill?
Mark Yeoman, Ex CFO now COO, The Warehouse Group
Innovation Case Study: Zealandia
Dr Danielle Shanahan, Senior Manager – Conservation and Research, Zealandia
Summary remarks from the Chair
Welcome back from the Chair
The One Stop Accounting Standards Update: Recent and upcoming changes to your reporting requirements
  • New IFRS accounting standards and amendments effective for 2019 year-ends.
  • Other recently approved IFRS accounting standards and amendments.
  • Current accounting standards in development  
  • Current and upcoming developments within IPSAS and other public sector standards
Anthony Heffernan, Director of Accounting Standards, External Reporting Board
Gali Slyuzberg, Project Manager, External Reporting Board
Planning to survive business interruptions
  • Understanding the difference between risk frequency and risk severity
  • Why planning needs to address all disruptions, not just the ones that make news headlines
  • A realistic look at the long-term impact of a disaster on a business
  • How to deal with insurance and loss adjusters
  • Developing reactive accounting and cash flow management strategies to better weather disruptive events
  • Ensuring that Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is up to scratch
David Pierce, Business Interruption Specialist, Able Business Claims Limited
Session Break
Conquering challenging workplace communications
  • Steps for dealing with short-noticed requests and difficult workmates
  • Handling workplace conflicts and working through with the aftermath
  • Learning to talk solutions and opportunities instead of difficulties and problems
  • Strategies for capturing attention and expressing yourself with confidence when presenting to a group
Keith McGregor, Director, Personnel Psychology New Zealand
Special Employment Law Update: Holidays Act review
  • An overview of what the Taskforce has recommended to date
  • If implemented, how will these proposals affect businesses?
  • What steps can be taken now to provide for a smooth implementation of any changes to the Holidays Act
Mike Mercer, Senior Solicitor, Simpson Grierson
Morning Break
Cybersecurity and financial protection in the Information Age
  • An examination of the current cyber threat environment and potential coming concerns
  • Working with the tech team to provide practical proactive and ongoing cyber protection
  • Investigating privacy and trust management of account data and authenticated access
  • The effects of phishing, identity and other digital fraud on the bottom line and techniques for dealing with them
Peter Bailey, General Manager, Aura Information Security
Data & Beyond: NZ Post’s New Way of Working
Financial Shared Services within NZ Post have undergone a significant shift in the way they do business.

Integrating offshore, automation and third party suppliers into their current model, the focus on the endto-

end service has seen NZ Post:

  • Identify pain points and re-assess the cultural mindset
  • Cleanse client data and perform close portfolio reviews to get the ‘right data’ in front of the customer
  • Maintain swift and efficient communication between all parties involved
Theresa Kim, General Manager Finance Shared Services, New Zealand Post
Session Break
Fraud watch – Detecting and resolving instances of fraud
  • Telltale signs of and proactive ways to counter 
  • employee fraud, customer fraud and loss in the supply chain 
  • Ways to encourage and better manage whistle blowing 
  • How to prevent a toxic work environment from developing during a fraud investigation 
Representative from PwC
The ripple effect - reviewing how recent and proposed government reforms could affect business

Join Kirk Hope in a discussion focusing on key regulatory changes affecting businesses in New Zealand, and how these could affect the accounting and finance professional.

Kirk Hope, Chief Executive, BusinessNZ
Lunch Break
Financial forecasting – Maximising the flexibility of financial models
  • Ensure your financial model can handle future changes quickly, easily and accurately
  • Key best practices to use when building an adaptable financial model
  • Practical techniques to enhance the flexibility of your Excel models
Alex Gordon , Director, Clare Capital
Fostering talent – Acquisition and retention in an era of low unemployment
  • A look at the most probable future ways of working and their implications
  • Steps to take to ensure staff are maintained at the highest calibre
  • Ensuring that you are attracting the right new talent in an era of low unemployment
Candy Gray, Manager – Organisational Development and Capability, The Treasury
Session Break
Master Class: Extend External Reporting – Methods for reporting greater business value beyond just the finances
  • Identifying the data sets and measurements that best reflect the actual status and value of a business
  • Cost effective integrated reporting – ways to make it a team effort, where to source the required data and tools that can assist with creating the report
  • Driving long term value generation through extended external reports
  • A critique of the ‘best practices’ – both locally and globally
Judy Ryan, Sustainability and Reporting Advisor, Ryan Jones Ltd
Master Class: The One Stop Excel and PowerBI Update
  • Methods for efficiently storing, organising and analysing data
  • Techniques on how to get the most out of Excel
  • Exploring PowerBI’s the ability to analyse and summarise trends
  • Using PowerBI to give better visual representation to collected data
  • Important recent and upcoming updates for Excel and PowerBI
Danny Bedingfield, Trainer, Ace Training
Refreshment Break
The One Stop Health & Well-being Session: Building healthy work-life habits and preventing workplace burnout
  • Advice on creating opportunities for beneficial downtime outside of work
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety and stress, taking control and improving your mental well-being
  • Strategies for the moulding the work environment and culture to improve the well-being and productivity of all employees
Karen Dallas, Organisational Psychologist & Transformation Lead, Air New Zealand
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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