44th One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business

Future-focused tools for growth in accounting and finance

Opening Keynote - The Future of Work is Now

Chris Boggs

Director - Human Capital


Chris is a Director in the Human Capital practice in Auckland. He leads Deloitte’s Future of Work practice in New Zealand, and is a subject matter expert on strategic workforce planning. He is recognised as a thought leader in this space who brings practical application to client situations. He has a proven track record of successfully managing significant change programmes, working across a wide range of industries based in New Zealand and Australia. His expertise covers a broad range of organisation transformation and people issues including strategic workforce planning, organisation design, culture change, leadership development, people strategy, talent management and performance management.

Lauren Foster

Director - Consulting


Lauren is a Director in Deloitte’s Wellington Human Capital practice. She has spent 15 years helping organisations and their people understand and adapt to change. Digital disruption and the Future of Work is impacting almost every industry and the speed with which organisations need to reinvent their business model, their HR functions and their ways of working is constantly increasing. Lauren is passionate about helping organisations navigate this future. A subject matter expert in strategic change management, communications and learning & development, Lauren has helped clients across the U.S., Europe and New Zealand navigate people aspects of transformation across a broad range of industries.
The One Stop Technology Update: The big influencers in the accounting industry

Matthew Whitaker

Intelligent Automation Leader and Emerging Technology Director


Matthew Whitaker is the Intelligent Automation Leader for PwC New Zealand. Originally from London, he has lived and worked all over the world delivering digital transformation programmes with a focus on productivity and delivering outcomes and benefits for his customers. His mantra is that transformation requires a willingness to change and if you aren't yet familiar with the concept of creative destruction then you soon will be.

Ian Apperley


Tempest Group

Ian Apperley has worked in the IT Industry for the last twenty-five years across multiple disciplines. A technical commentator for the National Business Review and independent consultant, Ian's specialty is modern IT thinking and related strategies for success.
The One Stop Inspirational Closer: Resilience and positivity through a Mild Touch of the Cancer

David Downs

Comedian, Author and Genetically Modified Organism

Comedian, author and corporate executive David Downs got a man-cold. So like any good male, he ignored the symptoms until they got so bad his wife forced him to see a doctor. A barrage of tests followed, with David all the time protesting they were unnecessary – until it became clear that what David thought was a mild touch of the flu was in factor a pretty major touch of Cancer. Immediately swinging into action, David publicly documented his entire journey battling cancer from a comedian’s-eye view, with a high-profile column on Stuff.co.nz, and regular appearances on TV’s The Project. As a senior executive with 20 years’ experience, David is well versed in leadership and the importance of knowing yourself, so his battle with cancer was also a journey of self-discovery and realising how the human mind can overcome what the human body has to endure. If Chemotherapy was a theme park, David would suggest you read the terms and conditions before entry… Unfortunately, now a season-ticket holder, David will entertain and inspire you. His talk is full of hope and inspiration, with thoughts on the impact of humour and positive psychology along the way – with detours into resilience and the power of control.
The One Stop CFO Perspective

Chris Day

Chief Financial Officer

Z Energy

Chris leads the Z Energy Finance, Technology and Risk team. The team comprises people in Treasury, Financial Control, Capital Allocation and Procurement, Investment Evaluation and Analysis, Risk and Assurance and Project and Technology. He is also Acting Chairman of Landcorp Farming Limited, New Zealand’s largest farmer. He has held a range of executive and governance roles in listed and other commercial entities during his career. He enjoys working with a wide range of people in support of values-based leadership that creates sustainable, long-term shareholder value by making the most of technology, managing risk, and making great choices about capital allocation.

Alistair Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Hill Laboratories

Alistair Brown is the Chief Financial Officer of Hill Laboratories. Originally from South Africa, Alistair spent 19 years working in the UK before moving to New Zealand in 2009. Alistair has worked for a range of large international organisations within the manufacturing, service and analytical laboratory industries. His experience ranges from broad commercial and financial leadership, to mergers and acquisitions. He is passionate about embracing new technology and how it can assist finance in delivering value add to the organisation.
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