The 43rd One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business

Enabling Future-focussed approaches to finance

22 - 23 May 2018The Grand Millennium , Auckland
14 - 15 May 2018Te Papa, Wellington
16 - 17 May 2018The Chateau on the Park , Christchurch
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Opening remarks from the Chair
Opening Keynote: Responding innovatively while navigating uncertain disruptive waters

The world is in a period of significant change, and many leaders are unsure how to respond.  In this presentation Roger Dennis will talk about frameworks that will help you understand how to think about the future, discuss some of the fastest changing areas and show how this is impacting the world today.

Roger Dennis, Strategic Innovation Expert
Leveraging cognitive technology in the race for accounting and finance back- office transformation
  • Tracking the rise of NLP, RPA and AI as a disruptor to back-office functions
  • The immediate business benefits and risks for payroll, audit and reporting
  • Driving competitive advantage to support execution of strategic business initiatives
Morning break
The One Stop employment law update: Tracking upcoming changes across employment law

For the first time in close to two decades, several major changes are expected that shift the balance back to the employee. Hear from the experts about the imperative policies that will shape workplace regulation.

  • Responding to MBIE Audits under the Holiday’s Act 2003
  • Upcoming changes with collective bargaining and union access and engagement 
  • Examining the latest gains in pay equity and equal pay
James Cairney, Principal, Meredith Connell
Erin Davies, Special Counsel, Meredith Connell
The One Stop Taxation update: The top 10 on tax

This session will highlight the findings from the government’s Tax Working Group and the new Coalition Government, including:

  • Operational aspects of payday reporting of PAYE  and on FBT for 31 May filing
  • An Update into the IRD’s Business Transformation Programme and other new business tax rules
  • GST developments including coverage of Australia’s low-value goods rule and its impact for NZ businesses
Annamaria Maclean, Partner, Deloitte
Sam Hornbrook, Associate Director, Deloitte
Lunch break
The One Stop CFO Interview: Changing the game - Finance as a key catalyst to organisational growth
  • Building commercial insight into decisions that affect financial performance
  • Identifying the areas in the business or outside the business for innovation and growth
  • Assessing investment strategies to drive performance

Plus stories of finance as a partner to the business:
Grant will discuss his thoughts on the role that finance team played to support Restaurant Brands to become one of the fastest growing and award-wining companies of 2017.  

Grant Ellis, CFO, Restaurant Brands
The One Stop Economic Update: Geopolitical and economic impacts on New Zealand Business

Tony will provide insight into the geopolitical and economic landscape as he discusses the top key economic trends and topics affecting NZ businesses and communities

  • The global geopolitical playing field and the political shift around the world
  • Examining trade agreements and their implications for NZ businesses
  • Upcoming policy announcements and their impact on the economic climate
Tony Alexander, Chief Economist, BNZ
Afternoon break
Revolutionising risk – Understanding and embracing risk with confidence
  • Overview of NZ's capital rising ecosystem and its associated risks
  • the banking perspective on business and industry risk
  • Cashflow versus security: challenges faced by banking markets
Ben Fahey, Head Corporate and Commercial, Bank of New Zealand
Executive Address: Leading by challenging the status quo
  • Encouraging you to challenge old ways to make a difference and have an impact
  • Being brave enough to lead by example and inspire others to do better and think bigger
  • Believing in your abilities to make a difference and learning from the experience
Matt Dagger, General Manager, Kaibosh Food Rescue
Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Drinks
The One Stop Accounting Standards Update – Tackling transition to new accounting standards
  • Exploring key issues transitioning to IFRS 15 and IFRS 9
  • Analyse how the new IFRS 16 changes the balance sheet and impacts performance metrics
  • Outlining IFRS 17 and other IFRS projects under consideration 
Generating actionable insights to drive business growth through financial analytics
  • Growing predictive and prescriptive capabilities on data
  • Strategically mining unstructured data to gain insights into new opportunities and risks 
  • Empowering information access and cost savings through self-service analytics
Owen Auger, Data Analytics Manager, Fonterra
Masterclass #1: Forecasting financial performance by connecting non-financial metrics with traditional methods
  • Connecting non-financial metrics with the financials to predict forecast variables
  • Accounting for PESTEL changes when considering new variables in rolling forecasts
  •   Refining data from non-financial sources as forecast input
  • Using forecasts as basis for future capex planning
  • Exploring technology to automate and streamline forecasting functions
Warren Myer, Director, Auxiliatus
Session break
Producing financial models to drive strategic value
  • Designing dynamic models for scenario planning
  • Creating financial models to inform decision-making
  • Building flexibility into financial models to accommodate variables and changes in the business environment
Alex Gordon, Financial Modelling Consultant
Championing an all-round positive customer experience from accounting and finance
  • How finance can provide crucial support to CX teams
  • Enabling markets and communities to tell your business’ success stories
  • Supporting the business to evolve as customers and their needs evolve
Morning break & refreshments
Enforcing greater transparency in NZ’s capital markets and money system
  • The impact of new AML/CFT legislation on accountants
  • Updates to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and insider trading rules in NZ
An approach for the successful adoption of change in your organisation
  • Change vs transformation
  • Developing a co-ordinated leadership approach to adoption
  • Being inclusive and gaining feedback for buy in
Bruce Swain, Senior Project Manager, Oracle
Masterclass #2: Preparing your financials for IFRS 16
  • Key changes to the upcoming Leases standard and key areas of difference from previous standards
  • Calculating future lease liability payments on the lessee and lessor balance sheet
  • Examining lessor and lessee balance sheet on sale and lease-back transactions and related party transfer-pricing arrangements
  • Prepping technology and systems to bring off-balance sheet leases into the financials
  • Managing adoption year disclosures and subsequent year disclosures
  • Manging the impact of IFRS 16 on company performance metrics
  • Examine stakeholder communication under the transitory phase
Jason Stinchcombe, Partner RSM
Session break
Using integrated reporting to report on market dynamics and non-financial performance measures
  • Measuring non-financial performance indicators as key input into decision-making 
  • Achieving optimal disclosure protocols on strategy and operational performance
  • Strategising investor communication to manage multiple stakeholder expectations
  • Achieving value-alignment among corporate financial goals and social accountability 
Mark Hucklesby, National Audit Director, Grant Thornton
Taking a structured approach to tackling cybercrime and information security
  • Assessing internal controls for real-time monitoring of IT processes and data governance
  • Trust and credential management on privileged accounts
  • Working with the CIO and tech team to provide input into governance strategies and policy
  • Creating defences against hackers, ransomware and phishing attacks
Paula Milne, Head of Financial Crime, ANZ
Lunch break
Delivering on insightful reporting to management
  • The move from Accountant to Advisor
  • Understanding your audience needs and requirements
  • Tips and techniques to highlight your key points and tell your story
Jason Topp, Finance Business Partner, IAG
Creating value on conversations with boards and executive leadership teams
  • Approaching conversations on balancing growth with ROI with CSR
  • Techniques to make communication more succinct, relevant and clear
  • Cultivating your presence when presenting to executive leadership
Simon Moor, Chartered Accountant
Masterclass #3 The One Stop Excel and PowerBI Update
  • Key modelling tricks and tips enable ease of reach of data
  • Advanced analytics with Microsoft PowerBI to understand different ways to look at your data
  • Working with PowerBI desktop, mobile and other apps
  • Using PowerPivot and PowerQuery to aid data manipulation
  • Creating reports that allow ease of information access by several user groups
Michael Blignaut, Senior Trainer, Auldhouse
Session Break
Bringing flexibility and agility into month-end finance processes through technology
  • Impact of Cloud accounting and cognitive technologies to reduce repetition and time
  • Creating self-serviced user-generated reports in real time
  • Strategies increase accuracy and relevance of information presented
Razia Rahman, Financial Reporting Manager, Orion Health
Developing strategic negotiation and influencing skills to achieve your goals
  • Preparing your message for your audience: targeted, focused and succinct
  • Expressing yourself with confidence, competence and clarity
  • Making relationship building a habit
  • Cultivating the key strategy to understanding and seeking agreement
Penny Holden, Master Facilitator, The Performance Consultant
Afternoon break
The One Stop Inspirational Story - Business and governance lessons from marathons

Kiwi accountant Tracy Hickman joins the small group of people running marathons across the 7 continents including Antarctica.  An accountant at heart Tracy draws comparisons to business and governance as she goes through her inspirational story and emotional, mental and physical journal training and successfully completing a few of the most gruelling races in harsh, extreme weather conditions.  

Tracy Hickman, Director - Corporate Advisory Services, Staples Rodway
Closing comments and end of conference
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