2020 Safety 360



Returning as the premier event for Safety 360, the National Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit features a line-up of informative and inspirational presentations especially designed for you, the Safety Leader, striving to keep New Zealanders safe and well at work.

Safety 360 in September, will include key reflections and insights from the COVID-19 journeys that have impacted all safety leaders across industry. Come together to reconnect and meet with peers from across all industries covering aspects of leadership, culture, safety behaviour, processes and models in safety and wellbeing at work.  Practitioner case studies and panels giving insights into the New Zealand context are a strong feature of this, the summit for New Zealand’s health, safety and wellbeing leaders.


2020 Agenda

Registration and Coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Chris Alderson, CEO, CHASNZ
International Keynote: Making safety safe - developments in global H&S thinking
  • Where is H&S thinking heading globally? Safety-I or Safety-II? Or is it somewhere in between?
  • What are the main lessons learnt from the global COVID-19 pandemic and how these are being implemented into existing safety strategies?
  • Dispelling the misconceptions and clarifying what Safety-II is and is not
  • Who are the organisations that are innovating in business, culture, and safety?
  • How does this all fit into the New Zealand H&S environment and cultural landscape?
Dr Tristan Casey, Lecturer – Safety Science Innovation Lab, Griffith University (Australia)
An address from the CE of WorkSafe

Join Phil Parkes, the new CE of WorkSafe, as he discusses the state of health and safety in New Zealand, how COVID-19 has influenced this, and his vision for how WorkSafe and the health and safety system can enable measurable change in performance ensuring more of our workers get home healthy and safe.

Phil Parkes, Chief Executive, WorkSafe
Tapping into the power of data to save lives & strengthen business performance
  • Using technology and data-backed findings to craft H&S strategies and change ingrained practices
  • State of the nation – health & safety maturity benchmark data – strengths, trends and focus areas for NZ
  • Current and emerging game changing technological advancements
  • How is behaviour, tech & data successfully merging in safety cultures
Nathan Hight, Co-Founder & Director, Safe365
Morning break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
Panel: Analysing how HSWA 2015 has shaped the H&S landscape
  • Which sections of the Act have been successfully adopted by organisations
  • Which sections of the Act are organisations still struggling with and where advice on these can be found
  • Discussing the areas of HSWA 2015 which were strong enough to help prepare for COVID-19 and where it needs to be reinforced
  • Understanding the full extent of Section 34 and PCBU-PCBU horizontal consultations
Chris Peace, Lecturer - OSH, Victoria University of Wellington & Managing Director of Risk Management
Stacey Shortall, Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts
Brett Murray, Chief Executive, Site Safe
Developing an excellent safety culture
  • Examining how general management activities influence and impact on safety culture
  • Exploring the role external sources can play in positive and enduring culture change
  • Looking at measurement options to allow impact and outcomes to be evaluated
Dr Christopher Burt, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury
Lunch break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
Leaders Panel: Effective and consistent leadership in a changing H&S landscape
  • Following through on positive culture change initiatives
  • Securing and maintaining worker wellbeing and mental health
  • Discussing examples of exceptional safety leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and what lessons should be garnered from them
  • Implementing necessary regulatory changes and ensuring staff are properly educated about them
Peter Lensink, Managing Director, Transdev
Fiona Ewing, National Safety Director, Forestry Industry Safety Council
Mike Cosman, Partner, Cosman Parkes
International Keynote: Leading the change for improved worker mental health and suicide prevention measures

Join Jurgen Jorgen Gullestrup, a recognised and award-winning leader in suicide prevention, as he recounts the lived experiences that drove him to transition from a plumber to establishing and leading suicide prevention programme MATES in Construction.

Jorgen Gullestrup, Founder & CEO (QLD and NT), MATES in Construction (Australia)
Addressing the elephant in the room: Worker suicide prevention measures - stating that facts and exploring the scientific proof

Examining, through the lens of in-depth research focusing on New Zealand’s construction industry, the size of the issue facing New Zealand and the root causes behind worker suicide within our construction industry

Andy Walmsley, Research Consultant, High-Performance Psychology
Afternoon break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
Let’s talk about work!
  • Breaking the preconception that H&S is just a compliance exercise
  • Understanding that safety culture is not separate from the organisation’s culture
  • People as the solution – a new role for the safety profession
Daniel Hummerdal, Chief Advisor Health and Safety Innovation Operations, WorkSafe
Featured keynote: Drop your tools – does expertise have a dark side?

All professionals possess some measure of expertise, and not only is this expertise useful, it is usually also necessary to do the job. In general, this expertise is viewed as a good thing. But what if there is an issue with expertise? Is expertise always a good thing?


Join Sean as he uses real life instances of expertise failure to explore:

  • the limits of expertise and understanding when they’ve been reached
  • the role that human behaviour plays in preventable incidents
  • psychological studies that examine the concept of Priming and the reasons why expertise can sometimes let us do
Dr Sean Brady, Managing Director, Brady Heywood (AUSTRALIA)
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking drinks
Chris Alderson, CEO, CHASNZ
Welcome back from the Chair
Chris Alderson, CEO, CHASNZ
The essential H&S legislative and regulatory update
  • Recent and upcoming legislative and regulatory changes and how they will impact business
  • How WorkSafe is approaching enforcement and how this influences the relationship between organisations and WorkSafe
  • Recent notable enforcement outcomes including an update on sentencing decisions, enforceable undertakings and alternative tools
  • The role that COVID-19 has/will play in recent and future legislative and regulatory updates
Sarah-Lee Stead, Special Counsel, Dentons Kensington Swan
James Warren, Partner, Dentons Kensington Swan
Case study: Creating strong and resilient safety cultures

Approaching inspections as opportunities for learning and improvement and not as sources of unwelcomed judgement can go a long way in helping companies build strong and resilient H&S strategies. MainPower share how through this mindset they are ahead of the game when it comes to H&S.

  • Understanding how having thorough management buy-in can lead to the creation of a pre-emptive safety environment and thus improved regulatory compliance
  • Creating and maintaining a workplace where all employees have buy-in and involvement in achieving H&S goals
Karen Cameron, Safety and Business Risk Manager, MainPower
Morning break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
Why safety training often fails – and what to do about it
  • How we can expect more robotics and AI to dominate the workplace and what this means for safety training
  • Establishing a framework for measuring whether learning has taken place
  • Ensuring that the learning is applied on the job, even when the job itself is evolving
Diane Edwards
Pro tips for engaging stakeholders in your H&S programme
  • How to avoid the compliance trap
  • Tips on engaging people in H&S
  • H&S maturity assessment
Dr Manuel Seidel, Founder and CEO, ecoPortal
Lunch break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
How the new H&S framework influences relations between H&S managers and employees

Examining best practices and regulations, and clarifying the rights and obligations of the H&S leadership in instances of:

  • mental health, exclusion, and worker stress
  • substance abuse and addiction
  • an employee being the victim of domestic violence
  • significant traumatic events such as natural disasters, terror attacks or armed robbery
Charlotte Parkhill, Partner, Dentons Kensington Swan
Safety considerations when contractors and sub-contractors are onsite
  • Engaging in a constructive manner to ensure that safety standards are understood and maintained
  • Understanding how contractors and sub-contractors fit into an organisation’s H&S strategies and frameworks
  • Highlighting responsibilities of the contracting organisation, contractors, and sub-contractors to each other
Tim Clarke, Partner, Bell Gully
Afternoon break, digital networking, and virtual Expo
Case study: Exceptional training for exceptional H&S situations
  • Crafting a programme that is engaging yet simple enough to be absorbed by workers of various skill backgrounds and literacy levels
  • Steps taken to avoid complacency and cornercutting in the ongoing training programme
  • Making sure that all staff, contractors, and subcontractors have the same level of training before sitting foot on site
Bron Struthers, Head of Health Safety and Wellness, Watercare
Decluttering safety for improved H&S processes

The amount of work required in ensuring H&S compliance can easily lead to disorder within your H&S strategies and programmes. Finding ways to declutter this can lead to increased efficiency and greater staff buy in.

  • Creating the right environment to ensure your H&S leaders can make the safest decisions
  • Turning reporting from a chore into a learning opportunity
  • How including those with H&S responsibilities in the planning process can improve strategies and processes
Chris Peace, Lecturer - OSH, Victoria University of Wellington & Managing Director, Risk Management
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Chris Alderson, CEO, CHASNZ
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