2020 Hazardous Substances Management Forum

Compliance, use and lifecycle management of hazardous substances and environmental management

Event Details

Returning in 2020, the 2020 Hazardous Substances Management Forum is the key update opportunity for professionals working with hazardous substances and within New Zealand’s HSNO environment to engage with regulators and industry leaders on new regulation, methods of management, land remediation, and the impact of hazardous substances on the environment and public health .

Featuring presentations on:

  • best practice for safe and secure transportation of hazardous substances
  • land remediation and restoration of natural environments
  • protecting public health during incidents involving hazardous substances
  • ensuring that storage locations meet and exceed regulatory compliance

Who will attend?

  • Directors, General Managers and Managers of HSE
  • Lab Managers and Team Leaders
  • Land Contamination and Remediation experts
  • HSNO Compliance Regulators, Certifiers and Advisors
  • HSNO Specialists and Consultants
  • HSNO policy professionals


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