2019 STEAM Education Summit

Applying STEAM as an interdisciplinary learning in the classroom

28 - 29 May 2019Grand Millennium, Auckland
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27 May 2019 | 9.00AM – 5.00PM

Understand the practicalities of introducing a new initiative to students, teachers and parents. Ensuring your teaching addresses the diversity of thoughts in inquiry-based learning. This workshop will provide a practical, hands on and interactive guide to:

  • Understanding critical thinking, design thinking and systems thinking 
  • Embracing change when introducing a new curriculum in schools
  • Planning a strategy to conduct a transition from old to new curriculums
  • Educating whanau on major milestones and changes in the school
  • Making your system sustainable when working a new curriculum into learning

Richard Rowley

Innovation Advisor

Tech Futures Lab

Rich currently sits on the board for Upper Harbour Primary School and eTV Trust. He is the Innovation Advisor to Tech Futures Lab and our resident Champion of Change. Rich specilises in challenging and disrupting the status quo. He is an expert in systems and design thinking, agile methodologies and building innovation capability with in teams and business. He is on a personal crusade to make the world a better place so the circular economy is a topic he is particularly passionate about. Rich's background is in law and education and he holds a Master of Science (Computing) from Keele University in the UK. His passion for developing inquiring and creative minds is paired with a strong belief that a child’s mental well-being is much more important than their grades.

30 MAY 2019 | 9.00AM – 12.30PM

Have you got an initiative involving STEAM for your school?
Collaborating with your peers, management and key stakeholders is key to your success in deploying your idea.
This workshop delivers a practical guide in:

  • Getting started with the research and resources available for STEAM education
  • Resourcing teachers and developing their competencies in STEAM
  • Developing cultural competency and skills when growing your STEAM team
  • Overcoming the challenges of resourcing, budgeting or location in introducing cutting-edge initiatives
  • Planning for the change in your school through budgeting 
  • Presenting your strategies to key stakeholders and getting them onboard

Tracey Kinloch Jones

STEAM Educator

Havelock North Intermediate

Originally from Gisborne, but now live in sunny Hawkes Bay. Tracey has been involved in teaching at the Intermediate level for most of her career, with stints working at Sports HB, Playcentre, and working within a consultancy firm running programmes for at-risk youth. Tracey's pathway into STEAM initially began from working at Hereworth where she developed the Science programme by training teachers, developing confidence and competence to grow opportunities for teachers and then students. Tracey was awarded the Alumni award from the Royal Society of NZ, as well as being invited to attend the International Science conference in Singapore. From this began the passion for providing authentic situations for students and teachers to develop a wider skill base and began a shift in her direction to STEAM. Tracey is now in her third year at Havelock North Intermediate, leading programmes which have begun to transform engagement, expertise and the expectation of teachers. The school is developing the provision of authentic opportunities, linking with industry bodies so students can engage with the wider community, their environment and develop a deeper understanding of key skills needed for their future. Tracey is excited to be at the STEAM Education Conference 2019.

30 MAY 2019 | 1.30PM – 5.00PM

One of the main challenges in delivering STEAM as an integrated curriculum to students is understanding the language of each component. STEAM can be refined so each term is understood separately before being integrated together. This workshop will deliver an interactive session in integrating STEAM into current teaching methodology:

  • What are the core features of STEAM?
  • Understanding the components separately to fully apply them in your learning
  • Distinctively know the differences between STEAM terms and know the context in which to use them
  • Training students to become aware of STEAM and growing their knowledge across subjects
  • Working with teachers from different specialities to create lessons on a topic outside your expertise

Zoe Timbrell

Founder/General Manager


Zoe Timbrell is the Founder and General Manager of OMGTech! She has been instrumental in developing the OMGTech! strategy and establishing their strategic partnerships which have led to the successful design and execution of the award winning OMGTech! workshops and programmes. Zoe has a strong ability to translate strategy into meaningful, effective action, and is passionate about bringing the OMG! vision to teachers and students across New Zealand. You can follow Zoe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ztimbrell

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  • 27 May 2019
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