2019 #NZSOMO

Effectively connecting with your audience using social media

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Likes, tweets, shares, live, stories: welcome to the world of social media 

The 2019 #NZSOMO conference took place on the 30 – 31st of July with a new and unique experience of a conference at the cinemas. Each video in surround sound and presentations on a big screen. The conference featured experts discussing the ever-changing landscape of the platforms. With the recent incidents in Christchurch, that has led to platforms reconsidering their algorithm and visibility of posts, discussion on crisis communications was especially important as well as understanding how the algorithm changes will affect an organisation's posts. 

The two-day conference also showcased case studies from:

  • Simon Kenny, McDonald’s
  • Tory Whanau, Green Party
  • Lauren Vosper, Tourism New Zealand

If you would like to get involved with #NZSOMO 2020 or you have an exciting social media success story, please get in touch with Mili Goswami (milig@conferenz.co.nz).


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