2019 NZ Cyber Security Summit

Securing NZ businesses against the next generation of cyber attack


Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Hilary Walton, Security Culture expert
Opening Keynote: The State of Cyber Security in New Zealand

Paul Ash, Acting Director, National Security Policy Directorate, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Insights from the National Cyber Policy Office.

Threat Landscape 2019: Cyber Security insights from the inside

Mark Thomas, CTO Cybersecurity, NTT Global

Enterprises are continuously experiencing cyber attacks in today’s digital world. Challenges including compliance management, coin mining, web-based attacks, and credential theft have been seen over the past year. In this session, we will provide insights about top cyber attacks and shifting threat landscape. We will also discuss best practices and practical measures you can take to bolster your cyber security defences.

Morning break

Delegates will be invited to choose their topics of choice at these facilitated discussions. Lead by an industry expert, connect and network with your peers around the challenges and triumphs with your cyber security journey


1. Secure your data and your users whether in Cloud, Hybrid or on premise - ForcePoint
2. The Fundamental Role of AI in Cyber Security – DarkTrace
3. Is the new Modern Workplace as secure as we think it is? - Intergen
4. Trust and verification – curating a collaborative relationship with your IT Service suppliers – CyberArk
5. How to use an Enterprise Visibility Platform as the Foundation for Zero Trust - Forescout
6. Is Zero Trust Automation the Holy Grail? - Firemon
7. Building a cybersafe corporate environment with Security Awareness  - Kaspersky
8. Building cyber resiliency with artificial intelligence - Advantage
9. Secure Your Cloud with Confidence – NTT Security
10. Real-time Cyber Security and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks – NTT Security
11. Pragmatic zero trust - identity as the security perimeter - Okta
12. DMARC – everything you need to know but were too scared to ask - ProofPoint
13. Securing sufficient budget to enable cyber incident planning & readiness - Datacom
14. From Reactive to Predictive: Using Threat Intelligence to Enhance Endpoint Security - Crowdstrike
15. Tackling the 3 R’s of Security Architecture: Realigning resources, reinvesting in performing services and retiring irrelevant services - Mimecast
16. The Power of Real Time Operational Intelligence - Splunk
17. Using behaviour analytics to improve threat detection and increase security analyst productivity - Exabeam
18. Moving on from the stresses of firewall segmentation - Illumio
19. Relationships matter discover your attack surface, protect your hybrid cloud - vArmour


The Confidence Game: How attackers exploit people, and how to stop them

Crispin Kerr, Country Manager, Proofpoint ANZ

We’ve long known that phishing and social engineering are the ways most organisations get compromised. Attackers know it’s much easier to find someone who will click than to find a working exploit for a modern operating system or browser. However, most organisations have very little idea which of their people receive these threats. We call these targets VAPs (Very Attacked People), and they may not be who you would expect.  In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to identify who is being attacked in your organisation
  • How to use that data to better understand your adversaries
  • How to tailor a protection plan for your riskiest people
Identity based access in a changing threat landscape

Mark Smith, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta

We now live in a world where new threats emerge on almost a daily basis and where the perimeter can no longer be counted on as the primary form of defence. By leveraging identity as the foundation on which to build access it is possible to ensure that the right people are given the right access for the shortest amount of time possible.

Survival of the Fastest

Aris Koios, Sales Engineering Manager – ANZ, CrowdStrike

Today’s cyber-landscape is survival of the fastest. This session will provide insights into some of CrowdStrike’s most eye-opening breach investigations of the past year, and their implications for organisations of all sizes, regardless of their industry or country of origin. We will address emerging best practices and priorities related to planning, readiness and response.  

Leveraging Integrated Threat Intelligence To Drive Improved Security Decisions

Garrett O’Hara, Principal Technical Consultant, Mimecast

The race to keep up with emerging threats has driven a proliferation of security solutions, which has left often under-resourced security teams struggling with a growing array of point products and independent static security controls - with no orchestration between them.

In this session, Garrett dives into:

  • Why orchestration is essential to scaling security team capabilities
  • Methods for integrating your security tools and processes
  • How to automate routine tasks, work smarter and respond faster, strengthening your cyber resilience
Afternoon break
Ministerial Address
Deborah Russell, MP for New Lynn
Rethinking our approach to Cyber Security

David Eaton, Associate Director, Cyber Security NZ, Datacom


Panel Discussion: Human factors in cyber security - engaging staff, improving organisational resilience and proactive security architecture
  • Developing strong security risk frameworks
  • Building a security aware culture – training, awareness and threat identification
  • Mitigating the effects of human errors – improving security architecture to deflect and protect
Hilary Walton, Security Culture expert
Jenny Botton, Information Security Manager, Auckland Council
Christian Probst, Head of School of Computing and Information Technology, Director High-Tech Transdisciplinary Research & Research Lead Cyber Security & Unitec Institute of Technology

Closing Keynote

Theo Nassiokas, Director - APAC Cyber & Information Security, Barclays (Singapore)

Theo will share his experiences around Cyber strategies and the foreign policy impact. 

Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks

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